Why You Should Get A New Boiler Quote Before Committing To Installation

Why You Should Get A New Boiler Quote Before Committing To Installation

Imagine this scenario: you’re eating dinner at a restaurant with a few friends, and you’ve just finished feasting on a first-rate meal for five. You’re waiting for the bill to arrive, the little ones are getting impatient, and you’re picturing yourself laid out on the couch when you get home.

Unfortunately, the bill is more than you anticipated, and there are also a few charges you aren’t even sure what they are for.

But the meat was a hit, so will you query the bill or just shut up and pay?

The great thing about doing your research before paying for a new boiler is that you’ll at least get an upfront quote. But what about those unexpected costs or hidden charges?

Here’s why it’s a good idea to get a written quote for a new boiler:

No Vague Bills

Some companies are vague with written quotations. You could be given a quote that states the total cost without details of the work being proposed.

A detailed quote for a new boiler should include such things as the boiler type, whether a replacement will be needed or if the lifting of flooring or carpets is required and if there is a cost associated with that, or how the condensate pipe or gas pipe will be run, if applicable.

Do Your Research

One way to ensure you’re getting a fair price is to invest a sufficient amount of time when doing your online research.

Choose a few companies, speak to gas safe registered UK engineers, and arrange home visits at convenient times. You shouldn’t trust a verbal boiler quote over the phone, as an engineer wouldn’t be able to assess your situation with great accuracy.

Compare Different Quotes

Compare the quotes you’ve been given and clarify that the overall cost includes things like having the system cleansed and flushed. This will assist you in working out exactly what it is you’re being charged for.

You should also verify that different engineers are willing to perform the exact same job. And if not, why not? Also, look out for different guarantee types, and whether the engineers will clean and remove rubbish from the property once they’ve finished the job.

Get a Fixed Price Quote

Prior to any work being done, you should make sure to get a fixed price quote. That means the price will remain unchanged later on as a result of any additional costs or complications.


Your quote for a new boiler should include as many details as possible, so you can see what you’re paying for without any hidden charges. If an engineer hands you a vague quote, ask for him to clarify and to provide a fully-detailed breakdown of what the cost includes.

It may be convenient to go with the first engineer who gives you your first affordable quote, but it’s worth doing some online research and getting multiple quotes so that you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice.You should be given a fixed-price quote that includes the bottom-line cost, including VAT and any labour charges.


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