Why You Need A Lawyer For Estate Planning

Why You Need A Lawyer For Estate Planning

In case something happens to you, one of your priorities is to protect your family, right? With this in mind, you might want to hire a lawyer for estate planning to plan everything.

Estate planning lawyers are licensed and experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the federal and state laws that affect how your estate will be taxed, dispersed, valued, and inventoried after your death.

Other than educating you about the process of probate, a lawyer for estate planning can help you with other things such as creating a will, establishing a power of attorney, designating beneficiaries, setting up trusts, and finding ways to get rid of probate and estate tax.

A lawyer who works from a trustworthy estate planning firm often charges a flat fee to help you with everything you need with estate planning. Below are some of the reasons why you need an estate planning lawyer:

Ensures Your Documents Comply With The Current Law

Once you decide to work with an estate planning lawyer, you can be confident that your documents will be crafted based on what the current state law requires. Trust and probate laws may vary from one state to another and may change anytime. Working with an estate planning lawyer who is always updated and knowledgeable can provide you peace of mind as you can be sure that they follow the state law.

Understands What Your Estate Plan Can Do

A lot of people know that a will enables them to distribute their properties to their heirs, but are you aware that you can also make a charitable contribution? Did you know that you can also avoid taxes with advanced estate planning? Moreover, there might be many techniques and tools available that can help you customize your estate planning documents that you haven’t thought existed. So, working with a lawyer for estate planning will help you know better about the process.

Helps You Craft Accurate And Clear Documents Based On Your Wishes

The documents on estate planning can be confusing and complicated. An online or DIY estate planning can cause several misunderstandings, which can result in crafting documents that include something different from what you want. In fact, one of the common downfalls of some estate plans is that they fail to portray one’s wishes accurately and often unclear. With an estate planning lawyer, you can be assured that all of your documents are clear, and your final wishes are carried out correctly.

Estate planning lawyers can also walk you through the process and help you fine-tune your documents to your specific needs and goals. Having someone to work with and to speak to can mean wonders for you to meet your goals. Besides, having a lawyer by your side will help you update your documents as massive changes occur in your life, and you can depend on them for recommendations on the ways to update all of your documents if necessary.

Provides You Advice When Choosing Beneficiaries And About Titling Assets

Most people assume that they can make estate planning documents easily. Although the process is easy, you can’t be assured that your documents are all valid if you won’t rely on the assistance of the lawyers. For instance, if you’re confident with your trust, take note that it’s only good as what you have included in it.

DIY and online estate plans do not instruct clearly on how to title your assets to prevent probate. If your assets are not titled correctly, your estate plan will fail. With the help of the best estate planning lawyer, you will exactly know what you should do, how you want to do it, and title your assets appropriately.

Helps You Create Well-Executed And Professionally-Drafted Documents

When you purchase an online estate planning document, you can’t be sure that the document is equivalent to the legal documents. Although such documents will ask for some requirements for them to be valid, an online provider can’t witness or notarize signatures.

On the other hand, if you hire a lawyer for estate planning, you can always guarantee that the documents are professionally-drafted or customized to your specific goals and situation. Your lawyer will also help you make the document’s official through arranging witnesses as well as notary public signatures. With this in mind, you do not need to worry about trying to do everything on your own.

Save Your Energy And Time

Drafting an estate plan can be a complicated task, which any average person can’t handle, most particularly if they do not know about estate planning. With a professional lawyer, you don’t have to deal with the burden associated with estate planning, enabling you to save more time and energy.

You Can Get A Trusted Resource

If you have a good relationship with your estate planning lawyer, you can be assured that your loved ones will get a trusted resource in the future and will have someone to rely on in the future. Your lawyer will serve as a guide to your loved ones after your death, ensuring a smooth administration of your trust or settlement of your estate. As a vetted estate planning attorney in Orlando, Giles and Robinson will guide you through the intricacies of protecting your estate.

You Require More Than Just A Will

Take note that you do not just require a will, but also you’ll need an estate plan. While an estate plan and a will are used interchangeably, you have to bear in mind that such are two different things. Estate plans are a set of legal documents to prepare for your disability or death, and a will is just one of those relevant legal documents.

There are several must-have estate planning documents you require. With a lawyer, you can guarantee that all the documents needed for estate planning will be drafted properly.


The best thing about having a lawyer for estate planning is that it can help preserve your assets while protecting your family from any possible legal issues in the future. Even if you think you can do estate planning on your own, there’s a huge difference if you hire a lawyer who specializes in this field, especially if you don’t have a clue about the regulations or laws that revolve around estate planning. Just make sure to choose a reputable and highly experienced estate planning lawyer to experience peace of mind.


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