Where To Buy Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Where To Buy Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Over the past year, we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before. Those long months at home have likely brought to mind things about your home that you wish you could update and renovate. For many, updating and upgrading their kitchen, bathrooms, and closets have risen to the top of their list.

With many restaurants closing their dining rooms, many are trying their hand at recreating that luxury experience at home. If you are ready to breath new life into your kitchen, one of the best places to start is with your cabinets.

While they may not be the first thing you notice about a kitchen, cabinets provide the necessary function of providing space for storage and bringing the full design of the room together seamlessly.

Unfortunately, kitchen cabinets can endure wear and tear with everyday use. If their material isn’t durable and high-quality, the effects of age can begin to show – and bring down the look and feel of the entire kitchen. As cabinets wear down, they may stop offering the look and functionality you desire in your kitchen.

If you are ready to take your cabinet to new heights, you need to find luxury kitchen cabinets.

For those looking to bring a modern or contemporary design to their home, [blank] has become a industry-leading provider of luxurious cabinets. With options for kitchens, closets, and bathrooms, the professional and high-quality cabinets from Studio Haus will add the perfect touch of luxury to any room.

The team at Studio Haus specializes in modern and contemporary cabinets that feature incredible attention to detail and durable manufacturing. Not sure what style you are looking for? Studio Haus also features a wide selection of traditional and historical cabinets that will fit any home. Every kitchen cabinet comes with premier finishes and durable hardware to match every style.

Ready to see more? Visit Studio Haus today to learn more about the team of expert designers behind every luxury cabinet, and discover how a Studio Haus cabinet can transform your kitchen into your new favorite room.

Benefits of Luxury Cabinets Compared to Basic Models

A kitchen is quite a significant investment. As such, its incredibly important to protect that investment by making sure every aspect of the kitchen is built to look beautiful, be highly functional, and to last a long time.

Consequently, no aspect of the space should be overlooked, from floor to ceiling. Taking extra care with choosing complementary flooring, door finishes, countertops, backsplash, wall color, and lighting can make quite a large difference in how the kitchen feels and functions. Furthermore, it can add a lot of resale value to a home.

For instance, Studio Haus’ cabinet boxes have a 3/4 inch thick plywood core. Including the top of the box, they do not use stretchers. They create strong boxes modeled after European construction. This means that the entire cabinet system can withstand being moved. If you leave your property you can uninstall these cabinets and reinstall them in your new home and they will maintain structural integrity. They use a dark gray melamine finish which insures maximum strength and the highest quality seal available.

Additionally, most luxury cabinet companies maintain awareness of their responsibilities in terms of environmental impact. Respect for nature and ecologically sound business practices are no longer trendy or an original way of making a company stand out from the crowd: it has become an unconditional basic principle. Like any company that respects itself and its environment, higher end cabinet companies are aware of the importance of considering the future and being aware of the environment when doing business. Themes such as being CO2 neutral, using water carefully, thinking carefully about mobility, renewable energy and recyclable materials are therefore part of an everyday way of doing things.

If you’re in the market for a kitchen, closet, or bathroom consider using a high end cabinet company as opposed to cutting corners and finding a low end solution. Remember that the cabinets in these spaces will be a part of your home for years to come so it is of the utmost importance to use the highest quality materials and designers possible.


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