What’s Covered? Understanding Roofing Warranties

What’s Covered? Understanding Roofing Warranties

A residential roof has a lifespan of anywhere from 20 to 50 years depending on the materials used and the workmanship when installing it. 

Has your roof lived its life? Is it time for a replacement?

Replacing your roof is a big investment that has customers asking about things like a roofing contractor workmanship warranty or a roof installation warranty. 

No matter what type of residential roof warranty your roofing company offers, important questions to ask are…How long is a roof warranty? 

How do roof warranties work? What’s covered and what isn’t covered under a standard roof warranty? Keep reading to learn about the basics of roofing warranties.

Roofing Material Warranty

Roofing materials manufacturers offer a basic warranty to cover their products. This is standard among all leading manufacturers. If you want more than the basic coverage, your best bet is to get an enhanced warranty from the roofing material manufacturer. 

The warranty covers the specific materials used that came from their company. For example, the company that manufactures the underlayment will offer a warranty that covers the underlayment, but not the shingles from another company of course. 

An enhanced warranty, on the other hand, covers all the roofing materials. If or when one of the manufacturer’s products fails, a total roof replacement is covered. 

An enhanced warranty is voided if the roof installer did not install the roof properly or there’s inadequate attic ventilation. 

Contractor Workmanship Warranty 

This is a warranty on the workmanship of the contractor you hired to replace your roof. Every contractor worth hiring should offer to cover their workmanship. 

This type of warranty is designed to protect you from poor workmanship and careless work that may lead to numerous repairs or a full roof replacement. 

Another option for a workmanship warranty is to purchase one from the shingles manufacturer. They send someone out to inspect the roof after installation. If the roof passes inspection, the manufacturer will cover the workmanship for 25 years. 

What’s Not Covered? 

If you don’t upgrade your warranty plan, things like damage from heavy snow or rainfall, hail, and lightning strikes may not be covered. If you don’t maintain your roof properly you could void your warranty.

Be sure to schedule routine roof cleanings and inspections. Check the warranty to see if there are specific rules stating that they do the maintenance and inspections. 

Are you wondering how to extend the life of your roof? Check out these helpful tips and increase the lifespan of your new roof. 

Roof Warranties 

Roof warranties give you peace of mind if something goes wrong with your roof. You can relax knowing you have a warranty to protect your investment. Hire a roofing company that offers you the best protection through a solid warranty. Be sure to bookmark our site for easy access to more information like this. We cover topics relating to real estate like design, travel, real estate outlooks, and more.


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