What To Do When Locked Out Of Your House?

What To Do When Locked Out Of Your House?

Most homeowners place a high priority on home security, but what if you find yourself unable to enter your own home? It is inconvenient and frustrating to be locked out of your home. Additionally, it only occurs at the most inconvenient moments, such as when it’s pouring, or you’re suffering from a bad headache, just as the kid you picked up from school has to use the restroom.

Thankfully, we asked a professional locksmith in Denver about the few things you can do to open the door quickly (even if your key is a goner).

What to Do If You’re Locked Out of Your House 

Being locked out of your house may be terrifying, especially if you live in a sketchy neighborhood. There are moves you may engage in while you wait for assistance, regardless of whether you left your keys inside or you’ve lost them:

1. Call for help

Compose yourself, grab your phone, and call someone who can help – a friend or a relative who lives nearby. You can also look for someone nearby who can help you. It may be one of your friends, neighbors, or landlords. Call your roommate (if you have one) if they have a spare key. Consider anyone who might have a copy of your key. If you’re fortunate (and they’re still awake), you should get back inside your house in no time.

2. Ask the landlord for a spare key

If you reside in an apartment building, your landlord may be able to help you if you are locked out. In cases like this, they often have a spare key or two on hand. Especially if you’ve been a tenant for a while, your landlord shouldn’t mind assisting you.

3. Take the doorknob off

Remove the doorknob with caution so as not to harm the exterior of your main entrance. Ask your neighbor or security guard for a screwdriver. Search online to find out what sort of screwdriver will most effectively remove the doorknob. Both flathead and a Phillips screwdriver are likely necessary.

4. Find a reliable locksmith that offers emergency services

The next step after phoning your loved ones is to contact professionals. Some locksmith businesses offer emergency locksmith services. They may not be the most affordable choice, but they can surely get you into your home in a jiffy.

A residential locksmith has the equipment and know-how to open any door without harming the door hardware. They are on hand to assist you around the clock. Each provider has a different price for lockout services. You could have to pay $30 to $40.

5. Other options to consider

Try looking for unlocked doors or windows while you wait for the locksmith to arrive. Leaving any windows and doors unlocked is never recommended, as it offers intruders an invitation to rob your property. Still, they can also give you access to your house in cases like this.

What to Avoid When Locked Out

Despite how much you might want to get back home, it is advisable to take a moment to collect yourself before making any regrettable choices. Your best bet to get back into your house, safe and sound, is to call a residential locksmith. Refrain from wanting to break a window, as you’ll have to pay for costly repairs.

Instead of waiting for a home locksmith out of frustration, you might try to kick the front door down. You might damage yourself if you do this, so avoid doing it at all costs. Additionally, you risk seriously harming your door, door jamb, and door lock. Wait for the professionals to show up to save yourself the bother and money.

Last but not least, you might not want to push yourself through a gap that you might become caught on. Consider the 26-year-old man who attempted to enter his home through the chimney but ended up stranded there. He had to be extricated by the Tucson Fire Department.

Locksmiths primarily provide lockout services, and they frequently have late-night response times. So, hold tight and wait for them to address the issue for you to prevent having to pay for a broken window repair, a door replacement, and injuries.

Four Suggestions to Avoid Being Locked Out of Your House 

There are a few things to remember so that this never occurs to you again once the home locksmith who helped you while you were locked out of your house arrives and lets you back inside.

1. Invest in keyless locks

You will never lose your keys and get locked out of your house because, well, you won’t need them with keyless locks. Numerous keyless door locks are availableโ€”request suggestions from a local locksmith.

2. Have a spare kept by someone you trust

You may avoid lockouts by having someone else nearby keep a spare key. It should ideally be a dependable neighbor who is accessible most of the time.

3. Consider hide-a-key

There are various hide-a-key decorations available to hide the location of your key. It may be a rock or another yard ornament.  

Key Takeaway 

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving home after a frantic search of your luggage and pockets to find that you left your keys at the office or misplaced them while you were out. It’s considerably more complicated if you’re locked out of your home while it’s raining or have young children with you.

While breaking a window and crawling in that way might be your first option, you could be hesitant to do so for fear that a bystander might think you are trying to break in. Knowing how to rapidly regain entry to your home can save your life if you lose your key. The next time you find yourself locked out of your house, keep the tips mentioned here in mind.


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