What Is Home Automation and How Does It Work?

What Is Home Automation and How Does It Work?

We have all watched a movie or two where the homeowner uses a tablet or a smartphone to control the lights or start playing music throughout the house. Based on what we see in the movies, it may seem unrealistic, but the great thing about this is that it is actually authentic and available to anyone who can afford to have Home automation done. The oldest forms of home automation began decades ago when remote-controlled garages were made available to the average homeowner who didn’t want to get out of the car to close the garage door. From there on, we have seen baby monitors, video cameras, pool covers and even clap lights making their way onto every modern home, looking for an extra bit of convenience and comfort.

Smart homes

Domotics or home robotics is known as smart home technology. The tech allows you to monitor your home’s functions by programming them onto a system that you operate from a smart device. The idea behind the programming is to add convenience to the way we live by enabling consistent functionality through a computer program. We live in an age of speed and convenience, and home automation increases our internet systems’ use to improve that. What you are doing is turning your home into a robot. All you need to do is program a chip and install it into the system you would like to control via a smart device or simply by speaking to it out loud. The list of functions you could control include:

  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Home security system
  • Doors
  • Pool covers
  • Voice-activated media

Smart Home Technology vs. Smart Home Automation

There is a difference between the two phrases you need to consider before deciding to have either installed. Smart technology means that you add programmable functions to non-smart home functions. It gives you the ability to control the areas, and you can select to turn the program off at any time when it feels like you want more control. The program can even quickly be deleted.

Smart automation remains in control after setting it up and eradicates the human element by continuing its functions without taking “order” from humans. Once the program’s initial setup is done, a guideline for these programs is set, and smart auto automation uses its discretion based on those perimeters. As explained by Avisio,  you can adjust the devices to suit a new preference for programs in your home, but the central aspect of controlling them will still be at the discretion of the automation program. The only way to change that entirely is to uninstall the system. Reprogramming will only reset your guidelines. It won’t remove control.

Benefiting from Smart Home Automation

Walking into a room with the perfect temperature, the ideal lighting and complete security are dreams for any modern homeowner. It is an impressive feature to have in your home if you love entertaining guests, and it adds to the value of your home if you rent it out as an Airbnb service over the holidays. Not having to adjust your home’s temperature, especially when you have babies around, can make life just a little bit easier because you will never have to worry about their health. We have seen the spike in humidifier and solar panel sales, so why not take it a step further and have it permanently installed into your home. Smart home automation is a great way to save you money on utility bills because the automation program’s adjustments are automatically made. Even if you forget, your smart home programs won’t. For security purposes, you will monitor the entire property from one location and connect it to your local public safety units. The fantastic thing about these monitors is that they warn you about a perimeter breach before the intruder can reach the inside of the house, buying you some time to seek protection for you and your family while you wait for the authorities.

To conclude, technology has taken on a whole new aspect and has made our lives better. The only thing stopping anyone from becoming part of a world where artificial intelligence has become almost equal in its ability to think is fear of it taking on a life of its own. The future of internet telecoms is looking brighter by the program, and eventually, we will all want to be part of it.


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