VIRTUS the Ultimate Luxury Hot Tub Hydromassage Spa by Jacuzzi

VIRTUS the Ultimate Luxury Hot Tub Hydromassage Spa by Jacuzzi

The VIRTUS luxury hot tub from Jacuzzi designed by Dodo Arslan, an Italian designer considered by Taschen to be one of the top 90 designers in the world, is a symphony of form and function that blends the very best of Italian design and cutting-edge wellness technology.

A truly unique and beautiful design inspired by the Nautilus seashell, the Vertus tub appears as if were molded by water with a unique spiral shape that guarantees a quick and complete draining when emptied, avoiding stagnation. Vertus includes an exclusive infinity swimming pool effect with automatic levelling technology, which refills the hot tub when water is lost through use and evaporation.

ย โ€œI wanted to design a real, complete experience; from the interface to the accessibility, from the progressive seat position to the complete drain inspired by the Nautilus shell. Simple and effective.โ€ – Dodo Arslan.

Outstanding ergonomics include an easy entrance rim, integrated steps, a wide and flat base with comfort for all heights, seven depth and seat positions, wide open seats, double length lounge and an integrated headrest on the rim.

Vertus is a true expression of wellness, offering the regenerating oasis of a professional spa with supreme performance whilst the harmonious design is aimed at professional use for exclusive settings.โ€Ž

  • Name: Virtus
  • Brand: Jacuzzi
  • Product: Hot Tub
  • Designer: Dodo Arslan
  • Country: Italy


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