Top 5 Ways to Stage a Condo to Entice Buyers and Get it Sold

Top 5 Ways to Stage a Condo to Entice Buyers and Get it Sold

Whether you’re moving to a new city for a job or need a bigger place to accommodate your expanding family, or just your expanding wine collection, selling your current condo is likely at the top of your to-do list. For those with the time to fix every last odd or end in the house, the selling process can take months, if not years, to complete. However, for those with slightly shorter timeframes, the right staging can make all the difference without the need for a construction crew. Before you shell out major cash for a complete interior overhaul, discover these easy staging tips that will have your home go from listed to sold in no time.

Give Your Place a Neutral Palette

Those bright colors you loved on your walls might be a hard sell for a future buyer, there’s a reason why ultra-luxury buildings, like the Boston condos at The Four Seasons-branded One Dalton are awash in neutral hues. If you’re looking to find a buyer in a hurry, paint over any bright colors with a high-quality paint-and-primer product in a neutral tone, like an off-white or light beige.

Stick to a Tonal Theme

Whether or not your home has a consistent tonal palette in each room can be a make-or-break staging mistake for buyers. Before you have potential buyers check your condo out, make sure you’ve chosen staging furniture in complementary colors; anything too matchy can turn off a buyer, but you don’t want a sea of color overwhelming them, either. Furniture in classic deep browns, dark blues, and clean whites are a color great trio to start with and will complement virtually any existing design scheme.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Need to make your home look fancier fast? Try swapping out your hardware. Installing things like new doorknobs, new drawer pulls, and new handles on cabinets can make a huge difference in not only how much interest there is in your condo, but how much potential buyers are willing to go over asking price.

Let There Be Light

Your home may seem cozy to you, but to potential buyers, those heavy draperies and low lighting just make it seem dark. Take a cue from the light-flooded homes at Manhattan’s 242 Broome and let as much natural light in as possible. Not only will this attract more buyers, it will make all of your other staging work shine.

Clear Out Clutter

The most important part of staging your home is clearing out clutter. You may think that those tchotchkes on your nightstand or pile of magazines on your living room table give the place character, but they might just end up making your condo look dirty. Load up on storage, whether you’re working with under-bed boxes or cube storage, and you’ll have an apartment buyer champing at the bit to buy in no time.

Selling your condo can be a daunting task, but with the right staging, the perfect buyer is never far away. Before you shell out thousands of dollars for a remodel, stage the place properly and you’ll have a buyer before you know it.


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