Top 5 Reasons New York Families Are Moving to Park Slope in Brooklyn

Top 5 Reasons New York Families Are Moving to Park Slope in Brooklyn

Move over, Williamsburg! When it comes to family living in Brooklyn, there’s no neighborhood that holds the appeal of Park Slope. This central Brooklyn enclave has become a haven for families in recent years, with a wealth of amenities that appeal to couples, busy parents, children, and four-legged friends alike. So what is that makes Park Slope so special, anyway?

Great Schools

The school district debate is one that weighs heavily on the mind of all parents in New York City. Do you choose a neighborhood that’s less-than-ideal for its access to great public schools? Does it make sense for your little ones to have an hour-long commute to their private school? In Park Slope, there’s no compromise to be made. The neighborhood’s public schools have some of the highest ratings in the city, while its private schools, like Berkeley Carroll, Poly Prep, and Park Slope Christian, are known for its high-achieving students.

Spacious Parks

With a lack of outdoor space afforded to most city residents, proximity to good parks is essential. Fortunately, for Park Slope residents, Prospect Park is their very own back yard. Spend weekends taking you little ones to the Prospect Park Zoo, watch their games at the park’s numerous athletic fields, or simply enjoy a stroll through the stunning biodiversity at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Family Friendly Housing

Five-story walk-ups and noisy older buildings may hold appeal for college students, but when you have a family, quiet, safety, and amenities soon become non-negotiable. Luckily, for those considering Park Slope as a home base, buildings like Baltic are swooping in to meet the needs of families who want luxury and convenience under one roof. After a long day, residents can retire to the building’s rooftop terrace, where they can grill up dinner while enjoying stunning views of Downtown Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline or even catch a movie in the building’s outdoor screening area.

Access to Culture

Fun and family friendly needn’t be mutually exclusive. In Park Slope, you’re never more than mere steps from the best the city has to offer at any given moment. Take your children to see some of the world’s best art at the Brooklyn Museum, catch a performance at BAM, see the Nets play at the Barclay’s Center, or simply enjoy a date night seeing some of the world’s best comedians and indie bands at Union Hall. All of these and more are available to you within walking distance of home.


Whether you commute into Manhattan for work or are visiting friends in other parts of the borough, no neighborhood can match Park Slope’s convenience. Centrally-located, with much of the neighborhood within walking distance of commuter hubs like the Atlantic Terminal, it’s as easy to get to other neighborhoods in Brooklyn as it is to get out of town for the weekend.

Safety, entertainment, and convenience all come together to make Park Slope a perfect place to call home. Whether you’re a busy professional looking to be in the center of the city’s action or a parent hoping to give your kids the best start possible, there’s simply no place like Park Slope.


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