Top 4 Reasons To Choose Ipe Wood Siding For Your Home

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Ipe Wood Siding For Your Home

Ipe wood, also scientifically known as Handroanthus spp, is a tropical hardwood known for its unique features and tremendous uses to add to the aesthetics of a home. An Ipe wood can be used for home siding, outdoor decking, and also indoor flooring. Moreover, this tropical hardwood is durable and also beautiful. Moreover, to add to its tremendous advantages, wood is also biodegradable, thus convenient for people who have decided to go green. Moreover, most carpenters will choose to go with wood as it is easily accessible and affordable.

Listed below are the top 4 reasons to choose ipe wood for home siding

1. It is long-lasting

 One of the significant advantages of the IPE wood is that it is durable in most situations. The wood can last a minimum of twenty-five years and go up to 75 years if properly treated and maintained. This tropical hardwood is highly recommended for exterior use of your home and home siding. When working on the exterior of your home, keep in mind the factors that might harm your siding over time.  For instance, cheap vinyl choices tend to break and wear out over time. However, if working with ipe wood, then wear and tear is none of your worries for a long time.

Moreover, ipe wood is effective for decking as it can withstand foot activity compared to other woods. Additionally, it can withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures. In comparison to other woods such as cedarwood, this wood is three times durable. Further, since it is not susceptible to insect infestations or rotting, this wood tends to last an extended period.

2. It is fire resistant

This is another top reason why Ipe wood is suitable for home siding. Although Ipe wood siding is not fireproof, it can assist you to escape out of the house and to a safe location with more time. This wood is considerably more resistant to fire than softer woods.

Concrete and steel are in the same fire-risk category as ipe wood. This implies that this sort of siding will make your property considerably safer. Therefore, if f you want to keep your family and house safe from fires, you may use Ipe decking and siding to reduce the chance of flames spreading. Therefore it is a suitable option for home siding and decking.

3. It comes in a variety of colors 

Ipe wood is a suitable wood for your exterior ad home siding as it comes in various colors. Hence, it can complement/ blend in well with the existing décor. Ipe wood is generally brown, with red, yellow, and olive undertones. It’s also available in dark brown hues with touches of black. Therefore, if your house is a deeper brown color, golden Ipe siding may brighten it up. You may also stain Ipe wood to get the shade of brown you want.

4. It  is aesthetically appealing

Another characteristic is that it looks good ad will add value to your home. This wood will give a rustic look and feel to your home. Moreover, this wood looks better with time. It matures beautifully and has a distinct personality. As long as the wood is kept damp, it will appear smooth and detailed. Notably, this wood is reasonably priced.


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