Top 10 High-Rise Condo Buildings In Las Vegas

Top 10 High-Rise Condo Buildings In Las Vegas

Searching for a high-rise condo in Las Vegas, but aren’t sure which building is right for you? Read on to learn about the 10 best high-rise towers in Las Vegas!

1. Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

When you think of luxury, elegance, and high class, the Waldorf Astoria is probably the first thing that comes to many people’s minds and it’s not hard to see why! What makes these Las Vegas luxury penthouses so highly sought after is the fact that they’re perfectly placed to see the entirety of Las Vegas itself, from the Strip to the Valley and everywhere else, and the building itself has so many accommodations that make living here one of the most comfortable experiences in all the city and maybe even the world, from access to the pool, the spa, the gyms, and world-class dining.

2. MGM Grand

MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

When you think of Las Vegas in any sort of pop culture medium – from Comics to movies, to Shows to Music Videos – you have more than likely seen the MGM Grand in the background. This building is so iconic to Las Vegas that people can identify it just from its unique shape alone! No wonder so many people seek to stay here or even live here, considering it’s right on the Strip of Las Vegas has some of the best entertainment shows in the city, with access to Casinos, Restaurants, and more. Come for the entertainment and food, stay because there’s nowhere better in the city to be.

3. Juhl

Juhl Condo Apartment - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

What the Juhl lacks in iconography – at least compared to the previous two high-rise condo towers in Las Vegas – it more than makes up for modernity. Every room, loft, condo, penthouse, and more within the Juhl is built around sleek, modern aesthetics with the comfort that’s required of people living in Las Vegas. Make no mistake though, the Juhl might not make up for in high-rise compared to others on this list but the building itself is absolutely gorgeous with large windows that give breathtaking views of the City, Valley, Mountains, and more. Do you want a place that’ll feel more like an experience? Being at the Juhl will help that.

4. Vdara Hotel and Spa

Vdara Hotel and Spa - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Where better to be than the Heart of Las Vegas itself? This iconically bending tower evokes everything that makes Las Vegas the grand city that it is, and more. Not only does the Vdara offer suites, Condos, and Penthouses that offer some of the best living in the city, but it also has some of the best accommodations with large pools to idly and lazily sit by, overhearing the thrumming movement of the city itself, to the many different spa options to feel relaxed, renewed, and revitalized, to even the many gourmet food options available when dining. Made of steel, glass, wood, and more, the Vdara has the timelessness of luxury that reflects the ever-changing city off of its glass sides.

5. Veer Citycenter

Veer Citycenter - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Veer Towers might not have the iconic appearance as many do on this list – as it was built in 2007, which is still fairly recent – but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important to the cityscape itself.  What makes the Veer Towers so grand and exciting to be at and experience is just how it’s so modern and artful, with its two towers standing together at an opposing angle, giving it a gorgeous sweeping appearance that’s sure to catch any eyes. Not only that, but it’s perfectly situated down in the City’s center, meaning that anyone lucky enough to call this location home will be able to see everything from the heart of the city, to the strip, to the mountains, and catch some of the most stunning views that Las Vegas has to offer.

6. The Ogden

The Ogden - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

When one sees the Ogden for the first time, they’re often left with quite the impression considering that this grand, throne-like building stands tall and mighty among the other buildings that surround it, giving it an unparalleled appearance among the City’s various buildings. It stands at an impressive 21 floors tall, with many of its accommodations located at the top of the tower – such as a pool and spa – to give viewers an experience that they’ll never quite forget. Especially since it stands at North Las Vegas Boulevard, giving a stunning view; especially at night. Though for those that feel adventurous, it serves excellently as the start of any grand adventure.

7. Sky Tower

Sky Towers - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.jpg

When you look at Sky Tower in downtown Las Vegas, you’re certain to see why it earned its name considering that it very much reaches for the sky! Like the Veer before it, it opened in 2007 and is fairly recent, but what makes Sky Tower so amazing is how it was one of the first high-rise condominiums to be developed on the Strip itself and since has become a symbol of luxury, power, wealth and more: All of the things that make Las Vegas living so amazing and great. Not only that, but Sky Tower also commands some of the greatest views of the city itself, towering easily over its neighbors all around with an excellent view of the city and the mountains.

8. The Martin

The Martin - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Where better to stay than with one of the City’s most well-known entertainers? That’s exactly the thought process behind The Martin, which used to be a part of the panorama towers, but was renamed in honor of Las Vegas’s best. Tall, beautifully constructed in steel and glass, the Martin is sure to wow anyone who is looking for a great location to call home for however long they want to have their Las Vegas adventure. Not only is it located perfectly down on the Strip itself with access to all the venues you could possibly want to visit, but the tower itself has all the amenities that a person could ever need from pools to spas to food and more!

9. Trump International

Trump International - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

It doesn’t matter what side of the political aisle you side with when it came to the former President, you just have to admit one thing: Trump International is just excellent in every regard. What makes this building truly stand out from all the others in las Vegas is how it exudes wealth and prestige as the golden glass all along the building’s side shines like gold from morning to night – which look better during Las Vegas’s nights – and offers some of the best living for those in the business field who want a place to call home after working hard at the office all night. Truly, for those in the business world, there is no better place to be.

10. Turnberry Place

Turnberry Place - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Honestly one of the most exalted places within the city itself. Many world-famous people have come to call Turnberry Place home over the years from Actors, to Politicians, to Sports Stars, to Billionaires and more; and it’s not hard to see why. Considered close to the heart of the city itself, the four towers that come to dominate this prestigious place is like a whole city unto itself and offers some of the best living that one can expect to see. If you stop at the top of the towers and lookout, you’ll be greeted with a sight that drinks in all the best qualities of the city that surrounds it, with a stunning view of the mountains, the strip, the valley, and everywhere else. Being here is like being at the top of the world and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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