Tiny Home Living – 7 Good Reasons Why You Might Consider Giving It a Shot

Tiny Home Living - 7 Good Reasons Why You Might Consider Giving It a Shot

The tiny house revolution is upon us, and more and more people are showing their eagerness to join in. However, the thought of moving into a cramped space of just a few hundred square feet can be quite scary. So to help you realize the advantages of tiny house living, here are a few good reasons.

1. It’s affordable

Tiny houses are very affordable. They can cost you between $10,000 to $40,000 on average. However, there are expensive ones as well that can set you back by almost $200,000. A tiny home is usually just a few hundred square feet in area. Each square foot can cost around $150 on average.

The costs can vary depending on the interior design, space, luxury, and the value of the land itself. Also, building a new tiny house is cheaper than buying one. So you might want to give this a thought as well.

2. Ability to go mobile

Mobile tiny houses are also gaining popularity day by day. Their compact sizes allow them to be carried or driven around behind a midsize pickup truck.

Tiny homes that are built for the road usually have wheels built under them. These houses can also be considered as replacements for other forms of mobile housing, as the recreational vehicle or RV. If you’re a fan of traveling and are on board with the idea of tiny houses, this point right here is quite a good reason for you to give tiny housing a shot.

3. Embracing the simple lifestyle

Moving into a tiny house from your regular-sized house or apartment is a really big step. In the process of doing so, you’ll have to realize that you need to let go of certain things that you can’t bring with you to your new small adobe. This is mostly because of a lack of adequate space. As a result, you’ll be bound to decide which things are more important to you, and which are not. Along the way, you’ll have to let go of the less important things to make room for the other ones.

This is sort of like embracing a simple lifestyle. You’re only keeping the things you need. However, simple doesn’t mean you can’t live luxuriously. There are arrangements for that as well.

4. Small but luxurious

Just because you live in a smaller home, doesn’t mean it can’t be nice. The experts at Tiny Heirloom are extremely talented at making you a beautiful tiny home that leaves you wanting nothing. As mentioned in the last point, simple living need not be boring; if you want, you can live a luxurious life inside your tiny house as well.

The luxury, in this case, will come in the form of innovative and creative interiors, smart storage ideas, minimalist decors, and so on.

5. Living a lot closer to nature

Most tiny homes these days are built away from urban areas. This is because a lot of people are no longer interested to lead a life inside concrete jungles. It’s suffocating and can take a toll on your health at some point. This is why they’d rather live in tiny houses close to Mother Nature than in a luxurious condo inside the city. If you’re someone who shares a similar ideology, you should definitely give tiny homes a try.

6. Spending less time cleaning

Cleaning your house is hard, especially when it’s over a thousand square feet in area and has 3-4 rooms. However, with a tiny house, you don’t have that worry. It’s a relatively small space, and won’t take you much time or effort to get it cleaned. You can simply spend half-an-hour each day to keep your house tidy or take a couple of hours once a week to do a more thorough cleaning.

7. Embracing the future of housing

Tiny homes are the future of housing. Many states in the US are already embracing this form of housing, and have become quite popular for it. These houses are quite compact and save us a lot of space. Their minimalist architecture is also worth appreciating.

Besides, in the future, when finding suitable living space is likely to become an issue on earth, we’ll probably turn towards tiny housing for accommodation. So what are you waiting for? Now that you’re aware of the advantages of living in a tiny house, you should actually consider moving into one. Or, rent a tiny house for a few weeks to see how you like it, and then make a decision.



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