The Future Of Modern Plumbing: What Should You Expect?

The Future Of Modern Plumbing: What Should You Expect?

Technology, accessibility, and sustainability comprise the future of plumbing. With new plumbing trends emerging for residential and commercial use, a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective plumbing system can be expected.

Plumbing Trends

There are always new technologies being introduced in the plumbing industry. Although most of these were already available in previous years, it has been improved and made easier to access. They include the following:

1. Remote Transactions

In the past, people would have to drive to the nearest plumber to schedule a home visit or a consultation. Technology has changed that arrangement, allowing nearly all plumbing transactions these days to be completed digitally. Specifically, a smartphone or tablet can now be used to communicate remotely with a plumber to diagnose a plumbing problem and find a solution.

2. Smart Technology

Smart technology has become essential to many aspects of our lives, including home plumbing. Among other things, plumbing technology has enabled people to monitor their water consumption and make quick plumbing fixes.

3. Smart Plumbing Fixtures

Newly-built homes now have touchless faucets and leak detectors. The latter is significant because it eliminates the need to manually monitor a plumbing system for leaks. Simply put, checking for any plumbing damage has become easier.

4. Online Subcontractor Scheduling

Many plumbing companies have created websites that allow potential clients to schedule a consultation with a subcontractor easily. Software that allows them to monitor the productivity of their plumbers has also been developed. Other software enables plumbers to collaborate, even when they aren’t physically present at the site.

5. Online Payment Options

Online payments for plumbing services rendered have been a common feature since the introduction of different smartphone platforms. According to industry professionals, these advanced services will continue to be a significant trend in the next few years. This is because online payment reduces face-to-face interactions between business owners and clients. Companies also spend less time and effort doing the paperwork for payments received.

The Future of Plumbing: What to Expect Soon

Plumbing industry experts expect the following to become trends in the next year or so:

1. Touchless Plumbing

It was already a common feature even before the advent of the new decade, according to Arvada plumbers. However, in recent years, many plumbing brands and companies have begun to offer smarter technology services. Thus, through smart technology, water supply systems can now be powered remotely, including sinks and toilets. It has also allowed many homeowners and businesses to track their water consumption easily.

2. Superior Filtration Systems

Filtration systems allow potable water to be cleansed by having subtle elements like magnesium and chlorine effectively removed. Reverse osmosis is one of the most well-known components of many water filtration systems, which has been used since 2016.

However, activated carbon and ultraviolet light are the future of water filtration. The former filters smaller particles, while the latter effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

3. Green Plumbing Technology

Although smart technology has many plumbing benefits, it remains costly, especially when upgrading your plumbing system. Green technology offers a more sustainable and inexpensive plumbing approach.

For example, gray water systems can be installed as an alternative to standard plumbing. Green plumbing can use water from showers, baths, and basins to water plants. Meanwhile, rain systems collect rainwater in large barrels connected to hoses or tubes. The collected water can be used for gardening and cleaning. 

4. Online Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to establish a business’ reputation. Online customer reviews meet this requirement and allow a plumbing business to reach a broader market.

Reviews also provide greater interaction between client and company and a better understanding of the required service. Negative reviews can appear as a setback and cast doubt on a plumbing company’s ability to deliver the needed results. However, this should be seen as an opportunity for the company to communicate with customers to discuss ways to improve the services.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is considered a key element in mapping the future of plumbing. It is not surprising, especially with more people making their online presence felt. Plumbing companies are expected to have a solid online marketing plan to reach clients quickly and provide the best service.

Key Takeaway

Trends indicate what people are looking for, and business owners use them to reach a wider customer base. Every company is aware of this, and those engaged in the plumbing business are no exception.

Technology will be crucial in how plumbing will move forward in the future. While this is already seen right now in the form of touchless faucets and automatic shutoff valves, more advancements can be expected in the coming years. This is a distinct reality as humanity continues to lead a more complex lifestyle.


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