The Sustainable Green Home Design Trends to Watch

The Sustainable Green Home Design Trends to Watch

Sustainability is now the key driver of innovation. As global concerns over climate change rise, so make efforts to combat it. If you’ve been looking to make greener choices, consider starting with your home.

Green home design is becoming an emerging trend that is lowering carbon emissions while lowering homeowner costs. There are various ways to implement sustainable design for your home; this guide will go through the most popular.

Let’s get started.

1. Solar Power

Solar power is more accessible, affordable, and prevalent in the United States than ever before. New technology allows you to run your home almost exclusively on local solar power.

Why solar power? It’s a 100% clean, renewable energy source. This reduces reliance on coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity production. Fossil fuels have exacted an immense toll on humanity and the environment.

Solar energy, on the other hand, produces no pollution. You can determine if your roof is suitable for solar and look for contractors who can provide you with quotes in your area.

2. Eco-Friendly Fabrics

It may not be the first thing you thought of, but naturally sourced fabrics are a meaningful green interior design element. These fabrics include hemp, seagrass, raw cotton, and banana fiber. Not only are these fabrics rich in texture and appeal, but you can rest easy knowing that you can find them from ethical sources.

These fabrics encourage sustainability and add a unique flair to your home. Due to the increasing popularity of eco-friendly products, finding these items is easier than ever.

3. Home Window Tinting

If you live in a climate that experiences dramatic hot and cold temperatures during the year, you know it can damage your heating and air conditioning system. This fluctuation causes the system to switch between being on and off to keep your home’s temperature regulated. Unfortunately, your energy bills are likely to be higher because of this.

If you get home window tinting, you can trap heat indoors during the winter and reduce hot sunlight during the summer. This will keep the temperature of your home more consistent, saving you on energy costs. Look for ‘home window tinting near me‘ to find the right company.

4. Smart Home Technology

It’s pretty amazing how far technology has come. The first smart home devices were created in the 1960s, and now you can find tech in almost every home you visit. That’s because it’s not only more affordable, but it encourages sustainable living by cutting down unnecessary energy costs.

You can schedule appliances, control lights, and access your home—all with a smartphone. As the world grows more internet-savvy, the global consumer trends reflect that knowledge. More homeowners are looking for eco-friendly interior design that makes their life easier while being stylish.

5. Non-Toxic Carpet

If you have carpet in your home, you might enjoy the coziness of it or the fact that it absorbs sound, which is great for your status as a good neighbor. The problem is, most carpeting is an environmental nightmare, and it is full of toxic chemicals. The good news is that many companies make eco-friendly carpets so you can keep what you love but make it more sustainable.

6. Tiny Homes

This is less of a home design aspect and more of a home itself. If you are looking to minimize your carbon footprint, consider living in a tiny home. This is a great way to lower your expenses, live a simpler life, and have more freedom of movement.

Many tiny homes are built on trailers, so you aren’t stuck to one place. Sure, it may not have as much living space as you’re used to, but if you’re willing to sacrifice, then you might discover that you prefer going back to the basics.

7. Natural Furniture

Similar to how eco-friendly fabrics can transform your living space for the better, so can natural furniture. Add a bohemian flair by finding wicker and rattan furniture to decorate your house with. Not only does this furniture have sustainable qualities, but they add texture to your decor.

Consider including several plants to create a green paradise.

8. Green Home Materials

Using recycled or energy-efficient materials can go a long way in making your house greener. There are three main materials to look at.

The first is deconstructed materials; this includes reclaimed brick, wood paneling, and flooring retrieved from other construction projects. They’re a lot more interesting than anything you’d find at a local home design store.

The next is aluminum. This is 100% recyclable, strong, and resistant to corrosion. It’s a versatile metal that is perfect for a variety of designs.

Finally, there’s bamboo, which is one of the most eco-friendly building materials out there. It’s a lot more sustainable than other wood materials, and it’s super tough. Try incorporating these materials in your next home design project for an environmentally friendly boost.

9. Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Good ventilation in your home is crucial for you and your family’s health. Look for a mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit or ductless air conditioning system if you don’t have one already. This will help clean the air of dust, pollen, and pollutants.

In addition to optimizing air quality, they can also reduce costly electricity costs.

10. Prefabs

A prefab, short for prefabricated houses, is constructed off-site and shipped to a construction site in pieces. This is a resource-efficient option if you’re looking for a new place to live. The construction time is low, which means a lowered risk of erosion and other serious environmental consequences.

Green Home Design Trends

Your home provides security, belonging, privacy, and identity, among other things. Why not improve it by making it more eco-friendly? Not only will this save you money, but you’ll be proud to entertain guests in your environmentally friendly home.

If you aren’t sure where to start, these green home design trends should serve as inspiration. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner. Looking for more articles like this? Be sure to check out the design section of blog.


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