Smart Home Security – Live Streaming Technology Promises Real Time Surveillance

Smart Home Security - Live Streaming Technology Promises Real Time Surveillance

‘Smart homes’ are definitely the buzzword of the year and, with advances in technology, such as the development of driverless cars, face recognition software for our smartphones, and greater flexibilities with live streaming, they may just be here to stay. But how big will live streaming be and where are the influences for such technologies coming from?

Cameras for Security

Cameras that have options to live stream your home while you are out – and allow you to watch the footage in real time from your phone or laptop, help to create the security that will be present in all smart homes. The smart home may tout features that predict heating patterns and activate lights without having to move, but the security features are the ones that will be most scrutinised by potential smart homeowners. There are already a slew of cameras out there, from the Nest Cam, Netgear’s Arlo Pro Cam, to the Amazon Cloud Cam. Each one offers a slightly different live streaming option that can help defend the house against intruders, especially when used in conjunction with other smart locks and security devices.

Live Streaming Technology

Live streaming technology isn’t new – or at least not to the gaming industry, which has been rolling out the option of live dealer online casinos for some time. The live dealer works the same way live streaming does, with players able to see the dealer during a game of blackjack or roulette. The technology rolled out through online gaming is almost a beta test for use in smart homes, and its success shows that the technology will be one that the general public embrace, even if the journey to full smart homes is some time off.

Moreover, Twitch.TV shows us that live streaming video games can generate a strong revenue stream and fanbase in a way that was previously difficult to gain. Gamers live stream everything from online casino to multiplayer battle royales and the 45 million viewers tuning in per month are also involved as spectators. The live streaming technology symbolises our interconnectivity which is what top security experts are aiming for in their live streaming cameras on a smart CCTV. By offering interconnectivity and constant eye on your home, should anything happen, you will have a strong defence.  

The Future of Home Defence

The future holds many innovations for home security, especially where live streaming is concerned. A new device from Mitipi, smart speaker ‘Kevin’ (named after the character in Home Alone) can utilise motion detection and interconnectivity to give the impression you are home. The speaker plays household noises and can even manipulate lights based on a realistic pattern. The speaker acts as a deterrent, which can be activated in conjunction with a live stream to both outside and inside the house.  

While smart homes may still be in the pipeline for most people, those who are embracing them are already reaping the benefits of the peace of mind that live streaming camera technology allows. As innovations continue to roll out at an alarming rate, we can only wait and see what is to come next.