Sleep Yourself Healthier – Living In The Dream World Boosts Your Health

Sleep Yourself Healthier - Living In The Dream World Boosts Your Health

Are you working till all hours of the night, waking up before the sun rises, or feeling like you need a chocolate energy boost before 11 a.m. in the morning, then you are not alone. Simple signs are an indication you need to rest, slow down, and most importantly, get a better night’s rest.

Too often, we neglect our health for the adrenalin of achievement. Whether it be for a stronger, leaner-looking physic as you get to the fitness center as the keys are opening the door, or you are the last person to leave the office to get ahead of the paperwork and smash deadlines that seem impossible to achieve, either way, you need to recover.

The dream sleep world

You know you have had a good night’s sleep when you have been dreaming during the night, not the fact that you remember what that dream was (which happens during the REM stage, and only if you wake in this stage do you remember part of the dream), but more about the act of being in the deep sleep phase where brain activity is at its most vibrant. When the forebrain and midbrain are active during sleep there is intense brain functioning happening, and in doing so, you are effectively sleeping your way to a healthier true self.

There are multiple benefits to achieving a good amount of sleep and, more so deep sleep, and as humans, we naturally need sleep for effective recovery. Let’s see what some of those positives are, and in doing so, help you better understand why sleep is an integral and important element in our lifestyles.

  • Increased effective thinking
  • Emotional stability and processing
  • Increased cognitive function
  • Prevents depression and anxiety

The issue we face in today’s society is that the majority of people do not sleep nearly enough, we are running on synthetic energy sources and not allowing our bodies to wind down or switch off. Finding your dream sleep stage and what you can do to better achieve this action will help you not only learn more about your dream but how to tap into that restful period. The average person has between 3-6 dreams per night, and the more we can connect our higher subconscious, the deeper and more sound the rest.

Playing your part

If you have been nodding along to this brief and are agreeing to the fact that you know you are pushing yourself too much and not allowing a natural rest to happen, there are a few things you can do and change to begin a routine of more effective, deep sleep.

Ideally, you want quality more than quantity, whereas some people think staying in bed till noon means they are better rested and will have more energy when the opposite is quite true. A few hours of deep, impactful sleep is far more advantageous than 10 hours of tossing and turning.


A regular gym session a couple of nights a week will help with an outlet of pent-up energy, and the exertion will rid the body of toxins, keeping you healthier, and as you hit the pillow, you can fall straight to sleep.

De-stress and de-clutter

Dedicate a space in your room or home for a few moments of quiet, somewhere you can reflect, meditate, and clear your mind of the day’s activities. Think about what you have in your bedroom, and if anything could be moved elsewhere, the notion of less is more plays a big role in a calm mind before jumping into bed.

Melatonin rich foods

This hormone is highest at night, skipping the nightcap and eating foods rich in melatonin will help with sleep disorders. Even a melatonin supplement will aid in the delayed sleep phase and insomnia.

Sleep position

To get into a deep state of relaxation, your muscles need to fully unwind, when the spine is supported, the muscles don’t have to work, and the body can loosen up and recover, this is easier done by switching your sleeping position to a side or back position rather than a stomach sleeper.

Make changes for a healthier future

You may be young and reasonably fit, but with a routine and schedule where sleep is a second consideration, you cannot carry on for long, your future depends on you taking care of your body and mind now, and that means restful, dream sleep evenings.

When the mind, body, and soul are relaxed, strong, and recovered, your immune system is at its best, and you will find yourself with the endurance to work harder for longer without becoming lethargic and drained. Balance is key to a healthy lifestyle, and when combined with a nutrient-rich diet, you can enjoy a better quality of life for longer. As you get into the habit of making small changes for a more restful evening, you will see the transformational experience it can have in your day-to-day life.


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