Sell Faster and Better: 7 Tips for Homeowners

Sell Faster and Better: 7 Tips for Homeowners

So, you’ve decided to put your Maui property for sale? You might expect people flooding in to put up their offers on the place just after you’ve added a “For Sale” sign on the front yard. But even with Maui enjoying a 6.8% increase in population year on year (compared to just 5% across entire Hawaii), selling a house at the desired price isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

If your house is located in a desirable spot, even then, your chances of quickly making a good sale are slim if you haven’t properly staged your house. You see, when people come to Maui, Hawaii, to buy a house, they want it to resemble their dream home. Only if they see their dream house in the place will they not hesitate too much to pay the price you demand. 

So, before you put your house on the market, here are seven tips for you to make improvements to sell faster and better: 

1. Bathroom Remodeling 

For many people, the state of the bathroom is a deal-maker or breaker. If they see peeling paint, seepage, or mold in the bathroom, they won’t pick the house, no matter how stunning the rest of the interior might be. 

Hence, a bathroom remodel can greatly improve the value of your property. According to the New York Times, a bathroom remodel in Maui, Hawaii, can cost around $34,162, and it yields an ROI of 78%.

2. Giving a Fresh Coat of Paint 

Since Maui is an island, the houses are exposed to intense sunlight and salty air. So, they require a fresh coat of paint at least once a year. Although the people buying houses there know about this issue, it is still important to paint the exterior to nail the first impression on the buyer. 

If you have the budget, you can add vinyl siding to the place. Siding adds a clean and modern look to the house, and it won’t even deteriorate as quickly as paint. Apart from painting the exterior walls, also consider adding a fresh coat to the front door. It can make a huge difference to the curb appeal of the house, contributing to its value. 

3. Let the Natural Light In 

Hawaii is a place where there is ample natural light available. Buyers usually come to Hawaii for the sun. So, if your house is enclosed and dark, it won’t appeal to them. Light can illuminate the space and make it look airy, presentable, and spacious. 

Other than the natural light, make sure you keep the lights on when buyers come to visit. Warm bulbs are best to add a welcoming vibe to the house. 

4. Tend to your Garden

Your garden is quite important to add curb appeal to your place. If you don’t have the time to tend to plants, you can add some artificial grass or astroturf. If you have grass, mow it before the buyers visit the place, rake away the dry leaves, and pull out the weeds.  

A great tip to make the exterior of your place attractive is to add garden bulbs. These bulbs look great, especially if the buyers are visiting your property after sundown. 

5. Focus on Flooring

Stained carpets, faded wooden flooring, or broken tiles can make your house look unattractive. You might want to invest in getting the flooring repaired before you sell your house. 

If you don’t have the budget, you can always invest in peel-and-stick vinyl flooring to make the place look presentable. Or, if you have decided to invest in new flooring, your priority areas should be the living room, main entrance, and kitchen. 

6. Remove all the Clutter

Most homeowners prefer to move out of the house before they put it up for sale. The reason for this is that empty houses can be staged properly. The residents don’t have to clean up every time a buyer is expected to come. 

However, if it’s not possible for you to move out of the property before selling it, you might want to remove all the clutter from the place, including broken or unpresentable furniture and boxes. Make sure you remove these items from the property instead of dumping them in closets or cabinets because when the realtor shows someone around the house, they are likely to check the closet space too. 

7. Give Every Room a Purpose

Homebuyers want to purchase a place where they can envision themselves. For instance, if you have a cluttered storage room, it will make it feel small and stuffy. Make sure you organize even the smallest of storage spaces to make it look like a usable place. 

If you move out, you can hire staging services to give every room, nook, and cranny a purpose. For instance, the staging services could decorate a small bedroom as a kid’s room to appeal to families with children. They could even stage an office in the house, so it appeals to those looking for places where they can comfortably work from home. 

Final Words

When people buy houses, they want to be able to envision themselves in the space. But if they find a house that is not well-maintained or has a load of clutter, they might not be able to do so. Additionally, if they find a house that has peeling paint on the outside because of the weather, it won’t give off a welcoming or homely vibe. 

Realtors recommend going for bathroom remodelling, flooring, and painting to improve the look of the house. To further improve its look, you can go for staging services too. In the end, it is the overall look that contributes to the value of your property. These tips above can help you increase your property’s value and sell it for a better price.


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