Seasonal Lawn Care – When Should You Do Certain Types Of Yard Work?

Seasonal Lawn Care

Did you know that your lawn has a natural growth cycle? Most homeowners are already aware of the importance of taking care of their lawn, but many may not realize that certain types of yard maintenance are more effective at certain times of the year.

As a homeowner, you take pride in both the inside and the outside of your home, because taking care of both increases your property value. In order to get the best results for your lawn (both front and back yards), you’ll need to be aware of your lawn’s natural growth cycle.

Keep in mind that some things may differ depending on the region you live in, but here’s a general guide on what you should be doing to your lawn each season.

Spring Lawn Care

Early spring is the best time to deal with any aggressive weeds that tend to appear in your yard. If you wait until late spring/early summer, the roots will have had time to strengthen, making them much more difficult to pull up. You can also choose to use pre-emergent herbicides in late winter before any weeds start to grow.

Late winter and early spring is also the best time to prune your trees. Cut off any broken or disfigured tree branches damaged by the cold weather, and also prune your summer-flowering shrubs. This is also the time to seed any spots on your lawn that may have become bare due to the snow or ice— just make sure to seed these spots a few weeks before you apply any pre-emergent herbicides.

Summer Lawn Care

Summer is the time to fertilize your warm-weather grasses. This should be done every 1-2 months during active growth. You should also treat any pests that tend to show up on your turf at this time. Finally, you should water your lawn according to your lawn type and your climate.

Fall Lawn Care

The fall season is truly the best time to fertilize your lawn, because it’s better for the grass’s root system. However, fertilization in the summer and (late) spring are also beneficial to your lawn. You should also rake your leaves as they begin to fall from the trees. By doing this, your lawn will be exposed to the sun and air that it still needs during this time.

Fall is also the time to tend to your soil. You should be testing the pH of your soil every 3-4 years to make sure it isn’t lacking any nutrients, but your soil may also become acidic after it starts to cool down.

Winter Lawn Care

Maintaining your lawn in the winter can be tricky, especially if you live in a warmer climate where it doesn’t snow much or at all. If you live in a cooler climate where there’s snow and/or ice all winter long (or the majority of the season), then there’s not much maintenance that you’ll be able to do. On the other hand, warmer climates need to continue fertilizing and watering their lawns as they did during the fall season. It may also be necessary to treat winter weeds as they appear.

Professional Services

All of this can be a lot to remember throughout the year— especially if seasons aren’t always consistent where you live. Not to mention lowering and raising your lawnmower blades throughout the year. Add the different types of pests (weeds, insects, and even other animals) that can destroy your lawn.

Fortunately, you can call on experts in lawn care who can tend to all of your lawn’s needs. Even if you’re very knowledgeable about lawn care, they can provide additional services that you may not have realized that you needed. Not only do you want your lawn to look its best, but you also want it to be healthy so that it can thrive in every season.

Your lawn needs certain care throughout the year, and each season presents a different need. Providing your lawn with the maintenance it needs at just the right time will give you much better results.

However, effective seasonal lawn care can be tricky in some areas. If you’re having trouble maintaining your lawn, call your local lawn service to help you achieve a thicker, greener, and more luscious lawn.

Having a beautiful and healthy lawn will not only increase your property value, but it will also make you happier. With proper lawn care, you’ll be the envy of all of your neighbors!


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