Real Estate Selling Strategies – Tips On How To Find Top Realtors To Work With

Real Estate Selling Strategies - Tips On How To Find Top Realtors To Work With

According to a recent study, statistics show that a typical property for sale in America stays on the market for an average of 68 days. Property sellers will usually wait about five weeks to find potential buyers and spend a month more to accept a buyer’s offer and closing the deal. However, if you’re a new seller in the real estate industry, you might need to wait for more than 68 days to successfully sell your property.

Several factors affect how fast you can sell your property. In-depth knowledge of the real estate market is a requirement for you to price your property properly, and attract your target audience. Your marketing skills and ability to comply with the necessary paperwork is also essential.

For you to avoid making costly mistakes and make the entire property-selling process easier, opt to work with top real estate agents. Their skills and experience in selling properties will ensure that you can sell yours in the fastest way possible.

Here’s how you can find the top realtors to work with:

1. Ask For Referrals

One of the easiest ways for you to find top realtors is to ask referrals from your own social circle. Reach out to all of the people you know and ask if they can recommend a realtor who satisfied their needs as a seller. You want to ask for recommendations from people who sold their properties in the past as homebuyers will likely have different needs.

Make sure to look for a realtor with a capital R in their designation. Professionals who are Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and are expected to abide by the code of ethics set by the organization.

Some Realtors will also be certified in different areas in real estate. The most common certifications Realtors earn are the Certified Residential Specialist (the Realtor has undergone the training necessary for managing residential real estate) and Seniors Real Estate Specialist (the Realtor accomplished training to help real estate buyers and sellers who are at least 50 years old).

You can also watch informative videos online to help with your search to choose a top Realtor.

2. Investigate On Potential Candidates

Once you already acquired the names of realtors, narrow your options by examining their online presence. In today’s digital age, the online presence of a realtor can speak volumes about their performance in the real estate industry.

Start by checking the social media accounts and websites of the realtors. More often than not, realtors will utilize these online platforms to promote their listings and engage with potential buyers.

Don’t forget to check the online reviews earned by the realtor, as well. This information will help you set your expectations on a specific realtor. When checking for reviews, don’t worry about reading around one or two bad feedback.

However, if the realtor’s online platforms are filled with negative reviews only, be wary. A realtor who hasn’t earned a single positive review from their customers can mean that they are likely inexperienced, illegitimate, or wasn’t able to meet the demands of their clients.

3. Choose A Local Realtor

Realtors can be accessed in different parts of the globe. The real estate industry is growing, so expect that more and more people will need their services.

When choosing a realtor, make sure that you choose one who is a local expert. A realtor who is adept in the local real estate industry can provide and interpret local market data for you.

Since they are exposed to the local real estate market, they understand what the buyers need and what your competitors are currently doing. A local realtor can also provide information on the current trends in the local real estate market.

A realtor who hasn’t worked in your area will take time to understand the local market. This will delay your success as a seller.

4. Schedule An Interview With At Least Three Realtors

The information you’ve heard from other people or read from the internet can give you an idea of how a realtor operates, but this isn’t always conclusive. Scheduling an appointment with the realtors you’re eyeing to hire can help you assess their skills and experience up close.

Face-to-face interactions will make it easier for you to check if their personality fits yours. Remember that you’ll be working with a realtor throughout the entire selling process, so it’s vital that you’re actually comfortable with them. It’ll be challenging to ask professional advice from a realtor who seems intimidating.

Once the realtors confirmed their appointment with you, take the time to prepare questions ahead of time. Doing this ensures that your appointment with the realtor will become fruitful.

Here are some of the most common questions you can ask when meeting with a realtor:

  • Are you a member of the NAR? Have you earned other certifications necessary in the real estate industry?
  • How many properties have you sold this year?
  • How long will it take for me to sell my property?
  • ·What marketing strategies will you implement to sell my property fast?
  • How much do you charge? Am I required to pay for any additional real estate fees and costs?

These questions can be a great conversation starter and help you engage with the realtor.

During your appointment with the realtor, check their skills, as well. For one, you should look for the realtor’s loyalty. The realtor you choose should prioritize your best interest as a seller rather than earning a commission. If possible, you should work with a realtor who is willing to sacrifice their commission just to satisfy your needs as a seller.

Make sure that the realtor also listens and focuses on your needs, too. A realtor should never pressure you into making a decision. On the contrary, they should give you time to consider your options and come up with a sound decision.

Real Estate Selling Without A Realtor 

One of the most common questions sellers ask is this: Is it possible to sell a property without the help of an agent or realtor? Yes, it’s possible. If you’re looking into selling your house fast without a realtor involved, then you can deal with reputable cash buyers, such as The Local House Buyers and other fast-buying real estate investors.

Unlike traditional or individual private buyers, cash investors cut the chase in buying properties. They’re ready to give quotes on any type of property, in any condition without asking for necessary repairs or inspection reports. Even if your property is behind on taxes, you inherited a property, you’re facing foreclosure, or you’re behind mortgage payments, a reputable local cash buying company will buy your property.


You’ve learned the various real estate selling strategies above and how to find the best realtors you can work with to sell your property. Make sure that you do the necessary research work before making a decision to ensure you get the most out of working with a realtor. Of course, selling your property to a local cash buyer or investor is always an option for you if want to sell it as soon as possible.


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