Real Estate Essentials – The Importance of the First Impression of a Home

Real Estate Essentials - The Importance of the First Impression of a Home

First impressions count in everyday life, and even more so in real estate. With just seven seconds to try and sway a potential client or even form your own opinion, the human mind figures out what it wants fairly quickly. Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll undoubtedly be looking to impress or be impressed during the real estate transaction. By understanding the importance of a first impression, however, you’ll be able to understand exactly what to do to increase the impression you make on buyers or understand what to look for when forming your own opinion as a buyer.

The Focus of Curb Appeal

While it’s great to have a property that stands out, most potential buyers actually aren’t interested in a home that’s too different from the others in the neighborhood. If you’re looking to sell your home and want to make a great first impression on potential buyers, you’ll want to assess the color scheme and overall appearance of the other houses around yours. A new exterior paint job can really increase the value, and adding a few unique, yet subtle touches can make all the difference. If you’re a buyer, you’ll likely be drawn to features such as exterior doors, door frames, walls, and windows. Pay attention to the quality of the fencing as this is something visitors in the future will notice too.

A Home That Shines

While you might not consciously know it, a home that shines gives off new, modern, and overall clean vibes. This is why a fresh coat of paint, clean baseboards, and polished flooring and appliances can make all of the difference in a first impression. As a seller, this is extremely important to pay attention to when prepping your home to sell, but as a buyer, it’s even more crucial to assess during your first visit. Floors that have had a professional wax and clean, for example, not only shows that the seller and agent have taken time to play to your senses, but it’s also a great way to restore their quality and appearance and make it look like they’ve just installed new flooring entirely. Not only will this help increase the aesthetic of the home during the sales process, but it is a smart investment on the seller’s behalf as it ultimately increases the appeal and reduces long-term repair and cleaning costs for both parties.

Make it Count

You only have seven seconds before someone forms their opinion of a home, which means that you have to make every second count. As a buyer, you’ll want to also be aware of this and ensure that you’re focused on the important aspects of a home that truly matter to you and the overall value of the property to ensure you don’t get distracted by insignificant details that might cause you to miss out on a great investment.


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