Real Estate Essentials – Installing a Wheelchair Lift in Your Dallas Home to Increase Mobility

Real Estate Essentials - Installing a Wheelchair Lift in Your Dallas Home to Increase Mobility

Like many parts of the United States, Dallas, Texas is experiencing a growing elderly population. As such there is an increasing demand within homes and residences for fully powered devices specifically designed for greater safety of the elderly or persons with mobility issues. 

Installing a wheelchair lift helps raise an occupant in a wheelchair to overcome a step or any vertical barrier. For safe mobility both indoors and outdoors, installing a wheelchair lift is a smart choice. Just make sure to choose a trusted and reputable installer for expert installation, safe operation, excellent home design, and for your peace of mind. 

Safe Mobility Inside the Home 

wheelchair lift or inclined and vertical lift provides dependable mobility inside the home. Most vertical lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors with a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds. Installing a wheelchair promotes safe movement, which also increases your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

Enclosure frames and panels can be made of acrylic or painted steel for corrosion resistance. Wheelchair lifts are more budget-friendly than elevators, and custom-built wheelchair lifts are also available for high-end and luxury homes, as well as commercial establishments.

Here are the benefits of installing wheelchair lifts at home:

  • A wheelchair lift is an asset or excellent feature should you sell your house in the future. It is easier to install, compact, and more cost-effective than home elevators. 
  • Easy access to difficult or hard-to-reach areas of the house. 
  • Wheelchair lifts are beneficial for family members with physical disabilities and the elderly, providing safe transport from floor to floor without having to get out of the wheelchair. 
  • Wheelchair lift installation promotes independence and ease of movement or convenience inside the home.

Safe Mobility Both Indoors and Outdoors 

Wheelchair lifts promote safe mobility both indoors and outdoors, designed for a compact space and to match with your home décor or style. Whether you have a contemporary, modern, rustic, or classic style home, wheelchair lifts can be custom-built according to your needs and preferences to complement your design. You can convert any space for wheelchair lift installation without expensive renovations.  

Here are some ways a wheelchair lift promotes safe mobility indoors and outdoors:

  • A wheelchair lift moves a family member in a wheelchair smoothly from patio to porch, backyard to deck, driveway to entryway, and even from one floor to another inside your home.
  • A wheelchair lift is plugged into an electrical outlet. The electrical energy is converted to hydraulic power for the lift’s driving force. A battery backup is also available to keep the occupant safe and secure when the power goes out, along with a safety locking mechanism. 
  • Wheelchair lifts are always rider-controlled with control panel buttons, allowing the user to direct or adequately control the drive mast. Just press a button to go up and pump the platform to your desired height. The hydraulic pressure is released when going down, allowing the wheelchair lift to glide to the ground level gently. 


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