Luxury Living – What Your Hi-Tech Devices Express About Your Lifestyle

Luxury Living - What Your Hi-Tech Devices Express About Your Lifestyle

First impressions are important. That’s why you want your smartphone, tablet and computer to represent who you are in the best possible way. Mobile devices and tech gadgets are something of a status symbol these days, and people may think you’re out of the loop if you don’t have the newest device. Don’t let people get the wrong impression because of the tech you own. Here’s what your tech says about you:


While you can’t profile users by the computers they use with an exact science, the computer you choose does say something about you.

Mac: Early in the game Apple began the Mac vs PC campaign. In these commercials Macs were young, hip and tech savvy, while PCs were old, clogged by boring spreadsheets and faulty at every turn. This connected Macs with a young audience, and so many Mac users are therefore younger. Many Mac users might think of themselves as artistic and cutting edge, as well as hip and fashionable due to the sleek design of Mac computers.

PC: PC users, on the other hand, are often times shoved into the techy or nerd column of computer users. Gamers and programmers also commonly fall into the PC category. PC users are often times more concerned with customization and functionality than they are with user friendly interfaces and aesthetic.


There are many smartphone options out there, but the argument between them typically concerns the operating systems involved. While you don’t want an out of date phone, this is what your current smartphone may say about you:

iPhone/iOS: iPhones are commonly considered to be the highest-end smartphone on the market. Anyone who has one, especially the newest model, is savvy, up-to-date and generally artistically minded — at least in aesthetic. Out of 15,815 people polled in 2011 by Laptop Mag, 32 percent of users had an iPhone. These users were mostly over the age of 35, predominantly women and more likely to have a graduate degree, making iPhone users a high-society bunch.

Android: Android users outnumber iOS users by quite a lot, but that’s only because Android is used on phones from many different companies. Whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or an LG G4, you’re an Android user. Todd Hixon, a contributor for Forbes, found in 2014 that 56 percent of Android users were male, less likely to have a graduate degree and far more likely to work in the tech industry. Although Android users are known as a techy crowd, they were less likely than iPhone users to claim they were addicted to their technology.


iPad: Like iPhone users, iPad users typically are geared toward the more artistic and aesthetically minded. iPads are commonly thought of as the top-of-the-line tablet, and because of this their owners are perceived as affluent. iPad users have an eye for style and design over technological functionality and customization.

Android: Android tablets are much like Android smartphones. They are more customizable than their Apple counterparts, but, because of this, they are less user-friendly and streamlined. People who use Android tablets know more about the back-end programs that make them run. They are more likely to work for a tech company or startup.


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