Property Management Problems: A Guide to Avoiding Common Mistakes

Property Management Problems: A Guide to Avoiding Common Mistakes

Every job has its own challenges. In every occupation, everyone has those times when things feel like things are getting out of hand; no matter what you do, you will always be at the point when you have to deal with problems. The same is the case with property management. Property managers are not immune to this. A property management crew may be expected to handle several challenging issues. These issues result in stressful days at the office and restless nights at home. In this guide, we will look at the significant challenges that property managers face. Also, we will give some insights that will be relatable to everyone in this profession.

No Pre-planning

When multiple urgent tasks are on your mind, it is tempting to ignore the planning. When there are loads of functions, people usually need to plan and try to handle everything at a time. Hence, it can stop you from working efficiently. The main reason for this is a need for more focus and trying to multitask. It may result in feeling overwhelmed and burnt out due to needing more understanding of priorities and a sense of direction.

Planning is vital for any task that involves a considerable workload. It would help if you tried to start work with a list of all the tasks. Include the tasks that must be done by the end of the day. Plus, list them according to priority and concentrate on completing one task at a time before beginning the next. Being organized gives you greater clarity and attention to detail. Doing so ensures every request is followed up on and every issue is solved.

Not being Thorough with the Tenant Selection Procedure

Tenant screening is another sector that needs extra attention. Reviewing identification copies and references from previous agents or landlords is crucial. Plus, the employment details of potential tenants are also essential to review. Furthermore, the rental history of applicants should be reviewed. You can get help from the help  Tenant Internet Database.

Moreover, remember to lodge the defaulting tenants’ details after vacating. It can expose tenants who have previously breached any contracts. Also, it will prevent other property managers from renting them a property. When you implement an effective tenant screening process, it can screen out unwanted tenants.

The Vital Role of Legal Counsel

Harrison Jordan, Managing Lawyer of Substance Law, said, โ€œProperty management problems can range from tenant disputes to maintenance issues, creating headaches for landlords and property managers alike. When these challenges escalate, seeking legal counsel becomes essential. A knowledgeable lawyer specializing in property law can offer invaluable guidance and representation, helping to navigate complex regulations, resolve disputes efficiently, and protect the interests of property owners, with a keen understanding of accounting for lawyers.โ€

Failing to Communicate with Landlords

Communication skills are one of the primary factors determining property managers’ success. Property managers are supposed to return emails and calls instantly. The simplest way to manage this is to set aside time slots to return emails and calls during the day. While many property managers give excellent tenant inductions, they should also do the same for landlords. It can lead to conflicts between landlords and tenants around specific problems. These problems include wear and tear, maintenance, and repairs. Breakdowns in communication can result in poor rapport, misunderstandings, and even losing clients.

Dan Close, Founder, and CEO at House Buyers, said, โ€œThis problem can be prevented if Property managers try to conduct a complete landlord induction. They can do this by using the property owner’s handbook. Through open communication channels, they can ensure long-term tenancies and lower vacancy rates. Also, it results in greater client satisfaction.โ€

Not Documenting Essential Data

As a property manager, you will need copies of formal property management agreements. These agreements can be with clients or leasing agreements with tenants. Besides, it would help if you also kept written records of other vital information. It can include photos and timestamps of damages and file notes of actions taken. Moreover, it can also include conversation logs and maintenance request details. Try to keep tabs and document all these essential data. Proper documentation can also give you legal protection if the requirement arises.

Lack of Attention to Inspections and Maintenance

Brian Bosscher, owner and founder of Condo Control, said, โ€œWhen you plan a lot of routine inspections in a set timeframe, the inspections can get rushed. Also, by doing so, the critical issues can be ignored. On the other hand, it is an equally bad idea to postpone routine inspections and maintenance. Both scenarios can lead to tenants leaving behind excessive damage when they vacate. Hence, it is more than essential to inspect properties regularly. Doing so lets you catch and fix minor issues before they worsen.โ€

However, set realistic expectations for how many you can do in a set timeframe. It will allow you to do each inspection thoroughly. Ultimately, it will help prevent costly damages in the future. Plus, it will keep tenants on their toes by giving them the impression that you are attentive and responsible.


The problems discussed in this article were only some of the most common property management problems. Many others arise in property management.  For instance, dealing with property damage and pricing management. However, no matter the problem, you only need to handle them strategically. Hiring professionals is not a bad idea if you cannot solve your property management problems. Some professionals can effortlessly help you manage your property. You only need to be wise when choosing them. This is because there are many scammers in the market who are there to just scam you. .


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