Navigating the 2024 $40K CalHFA ADU Grant: Solutions for Unpermitted Units

Navigating the 2024 $40K CalHFA ADU Grant: Solutions for Unpermitted Units

Californians, endeavoring to reduce the cost of housing, have found happiness in novel ideas like ADUs. From the many financing options available, the CalHFA ADU grant is one such plan, providing a fund of up to $40,000 to suffice for pre-development costs. Nevertheless, the grant allocation program inevitably creates obstacles, the most important being the need for more experience applying to such programs among the unpermitted units.

Knowing about the CalHFA ADU Grant

To help homeowners finance building ADUs on their property, the CalHFA ADU grant program makes some financial aid available. Unlike loans, grants do not require repayment and are used for specific expenditures such as architectural drawings, permits, remodeling costs, and site preparation. Nonetheless, the applicants need to find an ADU loan from the lender on the list after a government grant is awarded to cover the rest of the building expenses.

Income Eligibility and Assigned Lenders

Before applying for the grant, the homeowner should fulfill qualifying income limits according to what CalHFA applies. Income restrictions also differ by county; you can receive the highest income if you live in a city but the lowest if you live in a village. When qualified, you can research several ADU-approved lenders, such as Land and Home Financial Services and LoanDepot, to obtain financing for your project.

Lending alternatives and Budgeting aids

Approved lenders provide a variety of loans that conform to the homeowners’ finances. Refinancing to a cashout loan and renovation loans are among the few choices readily available for a borrower, depending on their budget and schedule. Along those lines, you must develop a viable budget and engage Levi Construction experts if you have any questions on financing.


The CalHFA ADU grant is a great opportunity for homeowners; unpermitted plots have different complications. This will include a supplementary stage of the renewal process and the grant approval. A permit and a properly qualified contractor would be the key to avoiding the mentioned problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages when Using the CalHFA ADU Grant

Unlike most loan programs, the CalHFA ADU grant requires no repayment obligation and increases the property’s value. The highlighted limitation, which includes the cap of $40,000 per household and set funding for pre-development costs, indicates that this legislation needs further analysis. The concern of homeowners is whether they should apply for the grant, and to make this decision, they need to consider these factors.

Expertise with Levi Construction

Levi Construction has decades of experience behind every project. Their commitment to quality and detail makes each project very successful. With a strong tradition of quality performance in the industry, Levi Construction delivers homeowners the best expertise in the design of Accessory Dwelling Units.


The CalHFA ADU grant program is an example of affordable capital that enables homeowners to construct ADUs and bridge the housing gap in California. Through unfolding the eligibility terms, researching various loan options, and partnering with the experts, homeowners can work through the grant program easily, whereby all their ADU projects will be accomplished. While the CalHFA ADU grant program may seem complex, there are still several possible ways for homeowners to advance in their policies to construct their ADUs. Discreetly, financially skillfully, and with understanding partners, residents may get over the difficulties involved in this program, offering the advantages homeowners can look forward to.


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