Luxury Style and Decor – How to Decorate a Room around a Grand Piano

Luxury Style and Decor - How to Decorate a Room around a Grand Piano

A grand piano is an eye-catching focal point, but it shouldn’t draw attention to empty walls or mismatched furniture. It should add elegance and sophistication to your décor. The following guide will help you decorate around your grand piano, ensuring that location and colors accent and accentuate the classical instrument.

Choosing a Location for a Grand Piano

When determining where to place your piano, it’s a good idea to draw a floor plan on graph paper. This is going to allow you to experiment with different locations, as well as mark where immovable features are located (doors, windows, etc.). According to the article, How to Arrange a Living Room with a Grand Piano: “The grand piano is likely to be the focal point of the room, so ensure that other furniture doesn’t crowd it.”

It’s very important that you avoid placing your piano in direct sunlight. Grand pianos are great investments because they increase in value, but exposure to UV rays can cause them to become damaged and faded. Sun exposure can significantly reduce the piano’s value, so it’s recommended to place pianos away from windows.

Other considerations include:

  • The piano’s open lid should face the seating area, as this will treat listeners to the best acoustics.
  • Be wary of fluctuating temperatures (it’s probably not a good idea to place a piano against an exterior wall).
  • Rounded furniture should be placed near the piano, as this will tie the room together, and help the pictorial flow of the room.

Decorating the Wall Behind a Grand Piano

Empty walls are boring, so it’s essential to decorate the wall behind a grand piano. Keep in mind small photo frames and artwork will not stand out behind a grand piano. Plus, when the piano’s lid is raised the small wall art may be lost behind it.

It’s best to decorate the wall with a piece of oversized art, an oversized mirror, a large hanging sculpture, or a cluster of framed photos or small artworks. Try to utilize most of the wall for the statement-making wall décor. This is going to draw the eye – both to the wall décor and to the grand piano in front.

Lighting Up a Grand Piano

The piano itself needs lighting, but it’s better to choose a lamp over spotlights. Spotlights will be rendered useless if they’re installed, and then you decide to move your grand piano. Gooseneck lamps fit most décor and attach easily to the grand piano. They’re a much better option for illuminating the piano. Gooseneck piano lights can be purchased in an array of colors and styles, such as mahogany cherry wood and black marble painted. To see all the piano lamps available, check out some of these grand piano lamps for sale.

The space around a grand piano also needs lighting. Chandeliers are perfect for large rooms, with a classic design aesthetic. For more modern rooms, consider table lamps, sconces, or floor lamps. The lighting you choose should fit in with your general motif, as well as fully illuminate the space. It’s very important to work within your color scheme or choose a neutral palate for your lamps.

Because grand pianos are so classic and sophisticated, it’s not difficult to decorate around them. The piano itself makes for a piece of eye-catching and beautiful décor. It’s a statement piece, and it doesn’t require a lot to dress it up. Overall, it’s up to you how you decorate around your grand piano. As long as you choose décor that blends well, and a position that won’t damage the piano, your room should look fantastic.


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