Luxury Pools and Hot Tubs that Inspire Celebrities Bring a Touch of Extravagance to Homeowners

Some of the world’s most luxurious swimming pools and hot tubs were built for hotel guests, while others are for the personal enjoyment of the rich and famous. Although most people can’t afford equal extravagance, there are elements from each that average homeowners can draw inspiration from to bring a touch of luxury into their own backyards.

Ben Stiller’s Tropical Paradise

The actor and his family wander through a lush tropical garden to a bi-level pool complete with North African-inspired tile work when they decide to venture for a swim. Homeowners living in warm climates can create their own tropical environment by planting palm trees around the lawn’s perimeter. The Stiller family also used light-colored tile with traditional Moroccan patterns and design which add to the exotic feel.

The Luxema 8000

The Luxema 8000 split-level hot tub features a flat-screen TV, built-in stereo, a bar, streamlined jets and more than 2,500 gallons of water between the two levels.

This level of luxury costs in the tens of thousands of dollars, but those with a standard hot tub can easily install outdoor speakers in the immediate vicinity and perhaps a simple bar nearby to recreate some of the ambience.

Cindy Crawford’s Ocean View

Imagine kicking back in an infinity pool while looking down at the Pacific Ocean. That is exactly what guests of Cindy Crawford can experience while visiting her California home.

Pool owners may not be able to replicate the view, but the white stone deck provides a stunning contrast with the dark blue tile interior of the pool. Do the same for an oceanside look.

Mondrian Hotel, Los Angeles

The Mondrian Hotel pool feels like you’re swimming at the top of the world. Guests soak up the sun while taking in the sights for miles around, then sunbathe on reclining chairs in the gorgeous Los Angeles weather.

A cushioned lounge chair positioned next to the pool, surrounded by thin-cut faux-wood pool decking, will go a long way in creating a similar air of elegance.

Sportness 6500

Those who enjoy getting their exercise while in a hot tub will appreciate the capacity of the Sportness 6500 to incorporate rowing tools in this dual-section tub.

It is always important that the tub fits with the lifestyle of the owner, and that means fitting with the local decor as well. Hot Tub Works covers add a bit of class and won’t clash with your surroundings.

Santorini Beauty

The smooth natural stone and water that matches the ocean visible right over the pool’s edge make the pool of the Perivolas Luxury Hotel a necessary addition to this list.

Pool owners can look to imitate it using smooth, natural treated stone around the pool.

Oman Comfort

Swimmers and sunbathers can feel like they’ve gone on vacation in Oman alternating between luscious white sands and crystal clear waters, stopping to rest on a plush orange couch chairs by the beach.

Adding an oversized, brightly colored outdoor couch near the pool is an excellent way to import some Middle Eastern luxury to an ordinary swimming pool.


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