Luxury Home Design – How To Create The Perfect Basement For Entertaining

Luxury Home Design - How To Create The Perfect Basement For Entertaining

Game nights, family reunions, and birthday parties – it is not uncommon to enjoy having people over for an entertaining evening. The problem emerges when you have to limit how many people you invite over because you lack space. Another problem is if you have children. If you want to have a more adult-themed party every now and again, this means you need a wine cellar, wine racks, and a wet bar. Naturally, you don’t want your children to have access to these things. This is what makes a basement as an entertainment space such a good idea. You get the space you need and you can put a lock on the door to prevent your kids from having access. Suddenly, you have the perfect space for adult entertainment.

Sound good? Here are the three steps you need to have to create the perfect entertainment space in your basement.

Step One: The Focal Point

First, you need to decide what the focal point of your entertainment space in your basement is going to be. What are your guests going to be doing in your basement? Will children have access to your basement? These questions will help you determine what you are and are not going to be installing in your basement.

If you have a basement you can lock up and keep your children out of, a small wine cellar and a wet bar are great ideas. Keep in mind, children having access to the basement doesn’t mean you have to nix the wine cellar and wet bar. You will just have to make modifications so this area can be locked up.

If you have children who will spend time in this entertainment space (or you have a spouse who enjoys gaming), you should also think about pool tables, arcade games, card tables, or even a home theater area. Imagine setting up a section of your basement to look and feel like a miniature movie theater. You and your family can come downstairs and feel like you are going to the movies without having to pay for expensive movie tickets every time you want to watch a movie together.

Step Two: Choose a Flooring

Depending on what you were previously using the basement for, you may need to get the basement finished first. This means choosing a flooring. Ideally, you are going to want to select something that is durable to heavy traffic. You may even want to get a flooring that is easy to clean in the off chance that you have clumsy people carrying around glasses of wine. Tile, concrete, and laminate are all great choices for flooring in high traffic area. You should avoid carpet because it stains easily and hardwood because it is more likely to get scratched up.

Step Three: Choose a Style and Décor

You’ve selected the flooring and done a little thinking on what items you want inside of your basement. Now, you need to think about the décor, style, and color themes. Obviously, you want to go with something that matches your flooring. This is also your chance to choose a theme for your wet bar. For example, you could decorate the bar in your basement to have a country flair. You just have to decide what you want and what you think looks good with your flooring of choice.

As you can see, a basement can be used for so much more than just a place to store things you aren’t sure what to do with. If you are someone who likes having people over for parties or you just like having entertaining nights with your household family, consider making a space for you to really enjoy an entertaining evening.


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