Looking For Luxury Homes in Florida? Miami and Port Saint Lucie Might Be Your Destination

Looking For Luxury Homes in Florida? - Miami and Port Saint Lucie Might Be Your Destination

Miami is a wonderful city in Florida full of things to do for just about anyone. It attracts many visitors from around the globe each year and has become a real estate mecca. Miami is also a great place for anyone looking to buy a single-family home, condo townhouse, or waterfront property. There are many choices, from high-end luxury condos in Miami to large single-family homes in Belle Meade, Morningside, and North Miami. 

Many wealthy home buyers come to Miami because generations of culture have been built into real estate and the Miami lifestyle. It is also a smart place to invest, and savvy Realtors can help you find the best investments. Real estate agents with decades of local buying and selling experience can typically guide you in the right direction.

Miami Offers Real Estate That Appeals To Everyone

Miami is known for many things, and electric nightlife is one of the most popular among younger buyers. Young professionals mostly buy expensive condos on South Beach, where a world-renowned nightlife, unlike others, is at their doorstep. 

You don’t need to appreciate the Miami nightlife to buy a home here; in fact, Miami offers private guard-gated communities where residents enjoy a level of security and privacy found only in luxury Miami real estate listings. 

Still, others can enjoy any of the white sand beaches that line Miami’s coastline. The luxurious waterfront real estate in Miami, Florida can only beat the gorgeous Florida sunshine. From exquisite beachfront condos to private Intracoastal Mansions, there are home choices for any buyer’s taste.

Port Saint Lucie Can Be Your Next Choice

On the other end of Florida’s real estate spectrum is the Treasure Coast, specifically Port Saint Lucie. This up-and-coming area is home to some of the world’s most prestigious golf tournaments and golfing communities. 

The homes for sale in Port Saint Lucie, where residents can enjoy the golfing lifestyle, are comprised of new construction homes you can still customize with builder options and older homes that have been remodelled with modern touches of luxury. All are set amongst championship golf courses at a fraction of Miami-Dade prices. 

Development & Economy

Port Saint Lucie is a great investment, and the local real estate market rose 10% in 2017. This is even after several years of rising home values. This means that anyone who bought a home for $200,000 could sell it within 12 months for $240,000. Local realtors project the same 10% increase in the market for 2019 before a slower time going into 2020. Still, anyone who moved to Florida to enjoy the PGA tour could have bought their new home and paid for the community golfing membership plus profit just because they own in Port Saint Lucie, FL. 

On the contrary, the Miami Real Estate market has been in a slump after years of steady gains. The high-end property values have been holding steady and even increasing. Meanwhile, Miami condos have been really slow to sell and have not confidently turned profits this year. Local realtors attribute the slowing to a lot of condos on the market and not many buyers.


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