It’s Essential To Understand The Importance Of Exposed Aggregate

It's Essential To Understand The Importance Of Exposed Aggregate

Simply put, when the concrete companies blend in stones, mix pebbles and various other materials in the concrete, it’s called “exposed aggregate”. There are other times when they can simply move away from the surface layer of the concrete for exposing the aggregate. However, you will have something more complex, uniform, and decorative in both ways. In recent years, the popularity of the exposed aggregate in the surfaces and driveways has gone up. And there is a good reason for that. It’s because there is nothing else available that is able to recreate this look.

When you are caught up in the process of building a new project or are making a renovation, you have the scope to develop something visually impressive and unique. Here the exposed aggregate is the way out. Also, they are highly attractive in comparison to plain concrete. It is also more robust than brick and reasonably priced in comparison to the stone. To know more, visit site after site on the web that explains this all in great detail.

Few other features that you need to know about exposed aggregate to understand its relevance include the following:

Highly customizable and decorative

Simply put, the exposed aggregate is a type of loose term that means that the concrete materials can be seen from the surface level. Hence, there is a scope for customization. The aggregates that get used for such a surface comprise the following:

  • Sand
  • Crushed rocks
  • Polished rocks
  • Porcelain chips
  • Seashells
  • Marble

The exposed aggregate surface can get raised, which can provide your driveway with a very smooth polish and exciting texture. Based on the preference and taste, the exposed aggregates are glossy, vibrant, and designed with a blend of patterns and textures. Hence, when you build your house, you will have plenty to select from.

It is durable

The truth is that the exposed aggregates are as durable as a plain concrete surface. They can manage the heavy traffic better in comparison to the natural stone. The exposed aggregate surface can also survive a heavy bout of heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions for many years as it needs significantly less maintenance. As you place the aggregate surface, you will be confident that it will retain its quality for several years. And when you make sure that there is minimal cleaning and sealing, the aggregate concrete will last longer.

Robust with amazing traction

Besides being durable, the aggregate concrete is sturdy and raised. Hence, it offers excellent traction. It can get helpful when it’s winter. When there is a raised texture, the vehicle can have more things to grab. And in case you are thinking of getting an efficient draining system installed, you can bring down the problems you might face in the days to come. You can browse through to learn more.

Finally, the other materials might be rough but don’t come with a raised texture. Also, the gravel driveway can get flattened and might slick with the passage of time. Also, the aggregate surfaces are reliable and robust enough to assist heavy traffic, regardless of whether it comes from vehicles or people.


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