Important Things You Should Do Before Actually Selling Your House

Important Things You Should Do Before Actually Selling Your House

The average price of newly listed homes has climbed 13.5% year over year. If you want to boost your asking price before selling your house, it helps to have a plan. With this home-selling checklist, you’ll have an easier time attracting buyers. 

Become a smart homeowner (and seller)! Discover how to boost the price of your residential property with these easy tips today.  

Boost the Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing most people see. Unfortunately, people tend to judge books by their covers. With that in mind, make sure the first impression people have of your home is a positive one. 

Improving your home’s curb appeal will encourage people to explore your residential property more. 

Consider planting colorful flowers outside your property. Make any necessary updates and upgrades if the exterior of your home requires repairs. Improving your home’s curb appeal can encourage prospective buyers to come inside.  

Declutter and Stage

Clutter could scare potential buyers away from your home. As you begin working through this home selling checklist, try decluttering as much as possible. 

Remove unnecessary items, especially personal belongings. Depersonalizing a space can help potential buyers imagine themselves living there. If you have photos of your family and other personal items, pack them away. 

Consider staging your home, too. Staging your home with new furnishings can further attract buyers. They might have an easier time imagining their own belongings in each living space.  

Touch Up and Clean

Clean as much as possible. If your home looks dusty or unorganized, potential buyers might leave without exploring more.  

Consider conducting a smell test, too. If there’s even the slightest foul odor, buyers will leave unhappy. Have an unbiased third party walk around. 

If they detect any pet smells or other odors, try to determine the source of the smell. You can also use candles and plug-in deodorizers to improve each room.  

Request Professional Help

You don’t have to work through this home-selling checklist alone. As a smart homeowner, one of the easiest ways to sell a property is to request help. 

Instead of hiring a stager or real estate agent, consider turning to a professional who buys homes in your area. You won’t have to waste valuable time or energy trying to attract buyers. Instead, you’ll have peace of mind knowing an experienced professional is handling the process for you. 

You can contact the team at IBuySD to learn more about the process.  

Make Selling Your House a Lot Easier Today

Selling your house can feel like a time-consuming and even stressful process if you don’t have a plan. Instead of going it alone, consider using this simple home-selling checklist. You can also speed up the process by working with a home buyer. 

With help, you can sell your old home without stress before enjoying your new home. 

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