Iconic Steininger FOLD High Tech Kitchen Block Design Inspired by Origami

Iconic Steininger FOLD High Tech Kitchen Block Design Inspired by Origami

Minimalism is not a fashion, but an attitude, while design is orientation and differentiation.‎ As a designer, Martin Steininger is an esthete and a minimalist that knows that folding is an art and a science. To this end with FOLD, Steininger has created more than just a monumental kitchen, he has created functional art with form.

The design language of FOLD is reminiscent to origami, the art of Japanese paper folding. The design is clear, puristic, simple and yet highly functional as a sculptural object. The iconic kitchen block that seems to float. A geometric self-contained body that takes back its power, but not its presence. Formidable geometric intensity paired with perfect form conceals the function of this truly remarkable kitchen block.

FOLD is a vehemence design statement with a cubistic surface made in tombac, a golden and shimmering brass finish.‎ The alloy is made using a computer-based method in millimeter fraction precisely prepared and perfected by hand.‎ Encased this way the iconic kitchen seems to float.‎ The design is clear, simple and yet truly striking and unforgettable.‎

The moveable M.POD smart kitchen hub includes a 32-inch touchpad as a high-tech work surface. The smart functions of the kitchen are controlled centrally and intuitively. The specially hardened and visually bonded safety glass can withstand all the varied requirements of a kitchen countertop, yet it is easy to clean and completely hygienic. It is the interface to the smart kitchen environment, contemporary recipe book and additional control panel, and establishes the kitchen as the center of living with numerous functional and entertainment apps.

FOLD is also available in a “Luxury Black Edition” made of black steel with the same incredibly stylish and distinctive, origami inspired curving shape offering the perfect combination of aesthetics, function and design in a high-tech kitchen.

  • Name: FOLD
  • Brand: Steininger
  • Product: Kitchen
  • Designer: Martin Steininger
  • Country: Germany


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