How To Wear Wigs

How To Wear Wigs

When you obtain your new wig, it’s already pre-styled and almost prepared to wear out of the box. With a bit of shake and hide, you can have your wig looking willing to wear in just a few minutes.

Please know that proper maintenance is vital to keep your lace fresh and look hidden. HD lace is ultra-fine and light and may last shorter than traditional lace. Sprightly handling energy rip your HD lace.

Specially chosen 5*5 HD lace closures are even more helpful than 4*4, as it gives you a more adaptable parting. In addition, five by five inches closures give you more good-bye space, resulting in a better birth, invisible look.

My wig is inside off! Why is that?

Because of the different styles, different packaging processes are used to keep each type. For illustration, when you open the box, you may detect that your wig is packaged inside off. This is done to save the style’s open, airy impression.

In addition, there are other standard packaging processes, such as folded, folded, inside out, and upside down, where the wig is folded a particular way or positioned on its side. Each procedure is created to maintain the wig’s style. 

Now that you comprehend why wigs are packaged in various ways, let’s peek at what you are required to do once you take the wig out of the package.

First, cup your needles inside the wig and shake them to reduce the threads. If your wig is styled in wave curls, use your fingers or a choice comb. If your hairpiece is a straight style, you can use a wig brush to brush through the wig gently. Never use a regular meeting on a wig!

It’s essential only to use styling tools explicitly designed for wigs. This is because you risk harming the wig. As you fluff your wig with might your fingers, a pic comb, or a wig brush, your choice spectators the wig will begin to look fuller and take on the formation of the style you requested.

Designing your Natural Hair

Before you put on your wig, you are preferably required to organise your hair. If you have little more or no hair, you will need a wig liner to help keep your wig secured. Comb it back away from your face if you have short hair. For longer and lengthy hair, pin it up by making less puff and balanced pin curls out of sections of your hair. Hold them distributed evenly over your head to avoid lumps and bumps.

Nevertheless, wig liners are still reminded for hair and secure all hair lengths.

Now it’s time to place your wig on your charge. Follow these effortless steps to put on your wig:

Step 1

Grab the wig by the scruff where the label is operating both hands. Tilt your head scarcely forward. You will be arranging the wig on in a front to back movement.

Step 2

Position the deception of the wig above your eyebrows, and slip the wig on the taste you would like a bathing capThen, move the wig in a front-to-back movement to place it accurately on your authority.

Step 3

Push the show of the wig back until it rests narrowly below your natural hairline. Centre the wig by placing the ear tabs on both sides in front of your ears, never obscuring them. When the wig feels relaxed, tuck in any stray hairs.

If the wig feels familiar or too loose, use the adjustable Velcro tabs discovered in the back of the wig to fit the wig to your head. You can change the perimeter of the wig up to ½” on each flank for convenience.

Special Case: Lace Front Wigs

If you’ve bought a lace front wig, you will want to carry supplementary protection as you fit the wig on your head. A lace front wig cap is developed for off-the-face hairstyling, often revealing the front hairline. Thus, you must take meticulous care to avoid harming the delicate, ultra-fine monofilament material at the show of the wig cap when checking the wig to your chair. 

To involve:

  1. Position the front of the wig beyond your eyebrows.
  2. Avoid twisting or folding at the front hairline.
  3. Once the cap fully protects your head, avoid pulling the soft lace monofilament at the front hairline when final positioning the lid.

Once you hold the wig in location, you can style it as you want. Business only uses wig styling tools and derivatives, including hair spray and mousse, created especially for wigs. Creations made for raw hair instead of wigs can damage your new investment. 

The Wig Company offers superior outcomes for watching for and styling your wig. Taking proper care of your wig is necessary to keep it skimming great longer for more knowledge about wig care.


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