How to Turn Your Garage Into A Party Space

How to Turn Your Garage Into A Party Space

As a homeowner, you probably appreciate having your garage. Obviously, it’s the ultimate parking spot for your car, and you use it as storage space for all the clutter that has no place in your home. However, it’s a truly versatile part of your property, and can help you out on many occasions, providing you keep your mind open.

Since you’re reading this article, it means that you’re in need of some additional indoor space. Do you want to throw a party but can’t seem to fit in all the guests inside your home? Or do you want to have a gathering in your garden but you’re worried about the bad weather? Whatever the case, you can quickly turn your garage into a party space. This article will give you tips on how to do just that. If you want to get inspired, keep on reading!

Safety First

Let’s start with the most obvious tip. Your garage has to be safe for all people to use, and it can be difficult with all the boxes, tools, and equipment lying around. What’s more, it can start showing first signs of wear and tear, especially after years of non-stop use.

If you see that your garage door opener is malfunctioning, there’s no insulation, and the door itself seems to be old and rickety, contact a professional. Services like garage door repair in New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, or any other state for that matter are not that hard to come by – make sure an expert checks out your garage before you decide to turn it into a party space.

Get As Much Space As You Can

Once you’re sure your garage is safe, it’s time to clean and declutter. It may turn out that it’s been long overdue! Get rid of cobwebs, dust off surfaces, sweep the floor, and wash it for good measure to eradicate the dirt. Don’t forget to wash the windows, garage cabinets, and garage doors from the inside and the outside. Additionally, get in some fresh air to get rid of that musty, stale smell – you can use air fresheners and artificial scents to help you with that.

When you’re done with cleaning, it’s time for decluttering. You’ll need as much space as you can get, and the chances are that over time, you’ve managed to accumulate your fair share of items. After all, a garage is the ultimate storage space for many people, and they end up throwing random things inside when they fail to find a place for them in their home.

If you’re guilty of doing that, you may be up for a challenge. First, decide which items can’t be moved and simply have to stay inside your garage during the party. Make sure they’re clean and dusted off! As for the rest, try to find a temporary storage place and remove them from your garage. If decluttering is a task that’s been long overdue for you, you can also throw out the things you no longer need, give them away, or sell them.

Choose a Theme and Decorate

There’s no party without appropriate decorations. Here, you can do whatever your heart desires. Depending on the occasion, you can pick almost any theme you want and decorate your garage accordingly. The trick is to make people forget they’re in a garage; that’s why placement of your decorations is key.

Decorating will be much easier if you get rid of any boxes and tools that could remind the guests where they really are. However, you can use balloons, posters, artwork, curtains, hangings, ribbons, and so on to cover up more difficult spots. Additionally, you can throw in some rugs and pillows to distract your guests from the original setting. Opt for bright, happy colors – your job will be easier this way!

Opt for Foldable Furniture

Remember what we said about freeing as much space as you can? We’re back at it again with more helpful tips. Once you’ve cleaned your garage, got rid of things that are dangerous or not necessary, and picked the theme and decorations, it’s time to move some furniture in. You’ll need chairs to seat your guests, and tables to put all the food and drinks. You can use some pieces of furniture from your home. However, we highly recommend using foldable furniture for optimal comfort.

Foldable furniture is usually lightweight and easier to maneuver. You can also stack them after the party, and they take up less space. What’s more, you or your guests can easily move them out of the way, which makes them the ultimate garage party staple. Ultimately, you can decorate them with colorful tablecloths and covers for a more homey touch.

Install Party Lights and Music System

Last but not least, take care of lighting and music. After all, these aspects are almost as important as food and drinks! They can help you set the mood and, if placed well, they can help you disguise the fact that you’re having a party in your garage.

DIY jar lamps, twinkling fairy lights, or string lights are some of the best choices for a party. Choose your party songs and make a playlist beforehand – you can ask someone for help and have more fun with creating a party playlist together. Make sure to set up larger speakers as well – a laptop may not be enough for the whole room of people to hear the music well.

The Bottom Line

Bad weather or the lack of space indoors doesn’t mean you can’t throw the most epic party of the year. While the current situation means that moderate celebrations would be preferable, you can still make some plans for a party with your close family members. Your garage is an extension of your home – if you need some extra space, feel free to use it!

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above were helpful to you. If you do it right, you can throw a party in your garage, and it will feel just like another room in your home. Sometimes it’s best to think outside the box, especially when you’re in need of non-standard solutions. Keep your mind open, and you’ll be surprised with the results.


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