How To Select Your Hat Depending On The Shape Of Your Face? Choose Your Hats!

How To Select Your Hat Depending On The Shape Of Your Face?

When you are buying a hat, it may be a bit troublesome selecting the best one. Though the hat looks extremely beautiful on the mannequin, it may look unsatisfactory when you put it on your head. It may seem that every hat will look silly or old on you. But when you select hats according to the shape of your face; sharpness and flair will be added to the appearance.

Determine Your Face Shape

You should determine whether you have an oval, round, square, heart, or triangle shape. When you have an oval-shaped face, it will look more like an egg is a large forehead. Compared to the other shape of the faces, the round shape will look younger where the chin is round and the cheeks are full around the hairline. When the length and the width of the face are almost equal and the distance from the chin to the forehead and between the cheeks is almost equal, you can term it a square-shaped face. When you have a pointy chin, the shape of the face is a heart. When a large jawline is present, it is called a pear-shaped or triangle-shaped face.

Measure Your Face

After determining the shape of your face, you need to measure the face. Use tape for the accurate measurement of the face. You should start with the measurement of your forehead.  You should take note of the number when you measure from one eyebrow peak to another arch peak. The distance between both the upper cheeks should also be noted. The jawline needs to be measured from the tip of the bottom of your chin to the bottom of your ears. The entire length of the face should be measured from the middle of your forehead to the bottom of your chin.

Ask a Few Questions to Yourself

When you have all the measurements, you should ask some questions yourselves

  • What is the shape of my jawline?
  • Which part of my face is the widest?
  • What is the length of my face?
  • Is my face longer or wider?

Select Hats According To Your Face Shape

The  will help you to guide you about which hats will suit you best depending on the shape of your face. If your face is oval-shaped, you are blessed to try all looks. You can select any model depending on your mood. The round-shaped face requires a slimming treatment while wearing hats. Your aim should be to select the hats where peopleโ€™s attention will be distracted from the facial curves. Except for the large brim hats, any type will go with heart-shaped faces. When you have a square-shaped face, you should go with a hat with soft edges. Similar to the oval-shaped face, the triangle-shaped face can try endless styles without worrying too much.


While selecting the hat for your face, you should be careful about the shape and the measurements of your face. Every face has a suitable hat but you need to select wisely. When your selection goes wrong, the hat may seem silly on your head.


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