How to Reach A Luxury Real Estate Audience

How to Reach A Luxury Real Estate Audience

The luxury real estate market is very competitive since agents and brokers can make a great deal more money in one deal for an elite client than is possible with general consumers.  The luxury real estate audience you want to reach include individuals and companies looking to close a deal swiftly. At the same time, they are likely to be looking for a unique property for which they are willing to pay a high price.

Drawing the attention of the affluent buyer requires every potential customer contact, whether online listing, advertisements, listing flyers, brochures or direct mail contact, to communicate luxury, whether the potential buyer created their wealth through the financial markets, inheritance or Big Time Gaming casinos. This is the same for whether you are focusing on an individual or a collective business agreement.

Reaching your audience

Your focus should be on your relationship with the individuals within your audience. If you focus on the deal, you could easily lose your client.  This is because these people have to deal with gold-diggers regularly, so they want to do business with those who provide the service and product they need.

Be bold

You need to be bold enough to challenge ideas that you believe will not match your client’s overall wishes. The ability to accurately challenge so the ideal solution is reached will help build a network of individuals interested in buying in the luxury estate market.

Be unique

Offer your clients something different from others within the same market. Your unique selling point should be highlighted not just on marketing materials, including social media, but should be introduced at parties, events and other gatherings where you can meet potential clients.

Be efficient and effective

The luxury real estate audience is made up of successful businessman and important figures in their specialist field of work. These are people whose time is precious, so you do not want to keep them waiting or waste their time. You will need to prepare focused marketing for each case and whilst the client will not expect initial perfection, but they will expect a speedy and effective response.

You will need to provide a bespoke service for each potential sale. Research their past to see what has worked for them previously and build on that to see what they really need and create information for them about this. 

Know the luxury market

In today’s marketplace, luxury brands are cultural currency. You should understand luxury brands, including local name-brand architects, designers, and contractors and use them to reach your luxury real estate audience. Ensure that you have high-quality marketing materials that will engage with prospective clients enough for them to contact you.  

Lead generation

Create an online presence as a low-cost, organic route to lead generation.  Use this as a marketing campaign platform and share client testimonials that potential clients can view in their own time and without you needing to push them forward. Whilst written content is vital, create short video testimonials from clients which mentions the things you did well, from marketing, communications, your strong negotiation skills etc. Posting this information and tagging all those involved in the deal can create significant exposure.  Use a professional photographer and videographer. Your smartphone is not enough.


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