How to Prevent Termites from Damaging Your Property

How to Prevent Termites from Damaging Your Property

As devastating termite damage can be, there is no need to worry if you take the right steps to protect your property in time. Some practical tips for guarding your property against termite damage:

Carry Out Periodic Inspections

Every couple of months, you should grab your flashlight and inspect your basement for any signs of termite infestation like mud tubes. If you do spot mud tubes or piles of wood dust on the floor, it is time to take a closer look and perform some DIY termite control. You should also take a walk around the outside of the house, including your backyard, to see if there are any telltale signs of termites. If you spot any wooden surface that you suspect as having been eaten away by termites, you can verify it by pressing your thumb against it to see if it gives.

Control Moisture Level with Proper Ventilation and Sealing 

Termites are more likely to attack damp wood, which is why you should try to ensure that your attic and basement are adequately ventilated and there are proper seals that prevent moisture ingress. If you can keep the area dry and well-ventilated, it is less likely that termites will try to attack, according to Elite Pest & Termite Control, a leading pest control company.

Keep Wood Piles at a Safe Distance from the House

If you keep firewood in the yard, you should be aware that they can be termite magnets and from there easily spread to your home. To keep yourself safe, you should ensure that the woodpile is kept at least 20 feet distant from your house, if possible.

Use Termite Baits in the Yard

Since, it can be difficult to spot subterranean termite colonies, especially if they are below the foundation, installing termite bait stations can be a more viable solution in comparison to perimeter soil treatments. According to Washington Post, bait stations contain materials that attract termites but are laced with chemicals that kill them or disrupt their life cycles. Moreover, bait systems are relatively more eco-friendly because they use less insecticide.

Keep Trees and Shrubs Trimmed 

Trees and plants tend to attract termites due to their high moisture content. This is the reason why you should ensure that they are trimmed and planted some distance from the house. Also, make sure that you do not push mulch against the exterior of your house when gardening and also trim branches of trees that are close to your home.

Use Repellent Termiticide 

Repellent termiticides are a very effective method for protecting wood that has not yet suffered any termite damage. You can use them to protect your wooden patio furniture, sun decks, fences, sheds, and other stuff in your yard.


Termites can be a terrible problem, and if you do not take steps to control them at the earliest, they can easily damage expensive furniture and even the foundation and framework of your house. Other effective methods of deterring termites include creating a space between the wooden surface and the soil by introducing a termite-proof material like concrete, stone, or gravel.


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