How Much Should I Spend On Yellow Diamond Earrings?

How Much Should I Spend On Yellow Diamond Earrings?

Jewellery is a wardrobe staple.

It can be an understated part of any outfit that brings it together or an explosive addition completely transforming the outfit. The pure versatility of it demands that everyone has at least a few pieces in their reservoir.

With jewellery though comes a few questions such as what type of jewellery should I buy, what should I wear it with, etc. While we will touch upon these questions and more, the main one we are focusing on is:

How much should I spend?

Why Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond earrings are a good addition to any wardrobe, whether you’re new to the jewellery game or not.

Firstly, yellow has a range of positive connotations such as joy, youth and exuberance, thus bringing an air of jubilance to any outfit you own.

Another strength of yellow is its complementary nature. It blends well with most colours meaning you rarely have to worry about colour-clashing when wearing it.

For the strongest effect, you can mix it with more yellow to amplify the aforementioned youthful and glowing effect or you could combine it with purple for a unique and stylish combo.

Earrings in general are amazing as they can vastly increase your confidence by complimenting your natural facial structure, skin tone and (as I discussed) your outfit as a whole.

This is only exaggerated by the effects of the diamond as it adds another layer of elegance and sophistication. You can also specify the cut, shape and hue to further boost its accompanying effect, either in a minimalist way or overt.

Price of diamond earrings

Now to answer the headlining question, how much should you spend on yellow diamond earrings?

The Answer: A lot.

The exact figure depends on many factors and the specific type you want however you should be spending around £1,000 and upwards.

Anything below this price range runs the risk of being of shoddy quality, counterfeit or just not as good.

When you invest in jewellery, you are investing in yourself and how people perceive you, how people treat you. You deserve the best, you deserve to be treated the best so go and get the best.

Only buy diamonds that are graded and evaluated and for that, most recommend Astteria, which does all this and more.

Their gems are inspected by world-class gemologists and come with certificates ensuring their authenticity is as solid as their products. If they say their diamonds are good, you can bet your bottom dollar they are.

This takes the guesswork out of stone shopping so you can focus on their amazing craftsmanship and range, offering all sorts of cuts, hues and tones.

They also offer:

  • Lifetime policies
  • Upgrade options
  • Diamond testing availability 
  • One-on-one consultations
  • and much more

This is only a quickfire summary of the services and benefits they provide, for a more detailed explanation of their verification process and services they offer, visit their website here.

This is just a glimpse of some of the steps companies have to go through to prove their diamonds are real, and cheaper shops don’t have the capabilities to do this.Diamond validity is important because not only are they timeless fashion pieces but they are also great financial assets.

Materials like gold and diamond are the foundation of the monetary exchange system we use now and their existence is still valued today. Certified diamonds are bound to retain their value for long stretches of time as they are tough and don’t easily wear like cheaper materials inevitably will.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this highlights the importance of buying your diamonds from a reputable source as it may be pricier but the benefits it holds are nothing to scoff at.

Also, Astteria’s impeccable customer service and services factor into the price as well so there is more reason to shop with them.

Follow the link to visit their website and browse their range of products to decide which is the best for you.


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