How Hard is it to Buy a Home in Idaho From Another State?

How Hard is it to Buy a Home in Idaho From Another State?

Idaho is an attractive place to buy a home these days. The housing prices are relatively cheap compared to some other states. There are also communities where you can not only work at surrounding businesses, but you can also work remotely without ever leaving your house.

You can peruse nice Sandpoint, Idaho homes for sale if you’re targeting this state in the latter half of 2023. What you might be wondering, though, is how challenging it may be if you’re trying to buy a house there if you’re still living out of state. We’ll talk about that in detail right now.

You May Need to Get a Hotel While You’re House Hunting

Buying a home while you’re still living in another state will always come with some degree of difficulty. It’s not impossible, though. If you’re determined and a little creative, you can usually get it done.

For one thing, you will probably need to book a hotel in Idaho if you’re doing some in-person house hunting there. The only exception is if you have some relatives in the area who will let you stay with them for free.

You must factor in the cost of the hotel if you’re forced to stay in the area for multiple days or weeks. You’ll also need to hunt with a great deal of urgency. That probably means seeing several houses daily while you’re there. The longer you stay without securing a suitable home, the more out-of-pocket expenses there will be.

You Can Attempt to Get a Mortgage Online

If you’re paying cash, you can buy a home out of state much easier. Most people will need to get a mortgage, though.

Assuming you’re getting a mortgage, you can meet with a bank representative in person while in Idaho house hunting. However, you can also meet with a bank rep digitally just as easily in 2023.

During this digital meeting, you will be asked such questions as how much money you have for a downpayment on the house, where you work, how many sources of income your family has, etc. You’ll need a stable internet connection and access to Zoom or a similar app.

You Must Hire Others to Handle Your Walkthrough and Inspection

Let’s say you’ve been successful at putting in a winning bid on an Idaho home. You’ve also been able to secure a mortgage for yourself. You have put down the necessary earnest money, and it’s in an escrow account.

You are well on your way toward moving to your new home. Now, you must wait for the closing date. That usually comes about a month after you’re under contract on the new house.

You will need someone acting on your behalf, usually a lawyer and a realtor, to handle things like the final walkthrough and inspection. You can be there digitally with them during this process via a Facetime call.

Buying a home from out of state is a little tricky, but there’s no reason you can’t do it.


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