Home Maintenance Essentials – Is There an Ideal Time of Year to Get Your Windows Cleaned?

Home Maintenance Essentials - Is There an Ideal Time of Year to Get Your Windows Cleaned?

For the most part, we don’t even realize we need the windows cleaned until its done and almost instantly your home looks lighter, brighter and more spacious. While we are most often asked, ‘how often should I get my windows cleaned?’ the primary consideration should be ‘when should I get my windows cleaned’. 

Having your windows cleaned at 3-month intervals will guarantee a beautifully clean and clear view all year. How long they stay clean for will depend on the weather conditions and at what time of year you decide to have them cleaned.

Most people assume summer is the best time to clean your windows, but this theory really doesn’t hold much truth to it. While we do not recommend window cleaning during periods of high winds, rain, hailstorms or freezing temps, we would say any season is a good time to have your windows cleaned. Typically, each season will have its benefits and challenges. 

Ben from Off Your Wall Window Cleaning in Melbourne, Australia has the following seasonal advice and helpful tips regarding window cleaning.

Spring: While every season will have weather considerations, traditionally, spring is the mildest and most pleasant time of the year to get your windows cleaned. The only challenge in keeping your windows clean will be if you live in an area with high pollen which forms a film or residue on the exterior glass windows and makes them look ‘hazy’ and dirtier quicker.

Summer: Summer is traditionally a window cleaners busiest time of the year so be sure to book in advance. Seasonally summer is considered a popular time because of the reduced chance of rain and fast window drying time. Having considered the fast-drying time, during very hot conditions its harder to achieve streak free panes because of the fast-drying time. This may require extra attention to detail when finishing off your windows if done professionally.

Autumn: We consider Autumn as an ideal time of year. The temperature is not as hot, which prolongs the drying time and prevents the cleaning products from leaving a residue on your windowpanes. Unless there are several weeks of heavy rain forecast then autumn is a great time to schedule your window cleaning.

Winter: Despite the fact that it’s the season of highest rainfall, winter is actually a great time to get your windows cleaned. Clean rain as such doesn’t actually dirty your windows it’s what we call ‘dirty rain’ that is driven by the wind carrying sand and fine debris that dirties the windows.  You will be surprised at how long your windows stay clean during winter plus you’ll enjoy more natural light in your home at a time when the sunset earlier and rises later.

Great Tips: Windows that need to be disassembled and cleaned individually such as double-pane windows are best cleaned in summer as the warmer day time temperatures help to speed up the drying time. 

Depending on the location of your property, your windows may be more prone to dirt than other properties. Homes located in high traffic areas perhaps commercial centres will accumulate grime more easily than homes in more rural locations. Either way, windows are continually exposed to the elements and a gradual build-up of airborne contaminants, dirt and pollutants lead to windows and frames that look tired, stained, and even ruined. 

Always keep the sills free of any moisture build up as that can cause mould growth in between window cleanings. Ask you window cleaners to check that window trims are free of dust, dirt and residue. Exterior windows grime can become more entrenched and difficult to remove if left for prolonged periods of time, so cleaning the windows more regularly helps to make the task less labour intensive and costly in the long run.

Regular window cleaning certainly maintains the curb side appeal of your home, so, take your time in selecting a window cleaning company that provides:

  • quality services
  • is fully insured and accredited and has
  • experienced, well-trained teams

No matter which season or month you choose to get your windows cleaned, we strongly recommend getting them professionally cleaned at the very least, twice a year. Clean windows really have a significant impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home and a well-maintained home will only increase your investment long term.


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