Home Décor that Sets the Stage for The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Home Decor that Sets the Stage for The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting a Thanksgiving family dinner can be an exciting epicurean adventure, but it can also put serious pressure on the host to bring their A-game, not only in the kitchen, but when it comes to their interior décor. Creating a festive feel for your holiday can make a major difference in your guests’ enjoyment of your celebration, as well as getting them into the holiday spirit. While it may seem like a major undertaking to transform your space, just a few holiday-themed accessories can help you achieve the Thanksgiving feel you’re looking for.

Here are some essentials to start with:

Festive wreath

Whether you live in a house in the country or a Manhattan luxury home, like the residences at 555TEN, adding a wreath to the door can instantly conjure a fall feel. While autumn-inspired wreaths can be purchased at home goods stores from Pottery Barn to West Elm, if you’re feeling creative, you can also pick up a plain wreath from a craft store and make it your own with some leaves, mini pumpkins, and pine cones.

Holiday table runner 

Setting a festive holiday table means more than simply putting out your best table settings. If you have a spacious dining room, like residents of 21 East 12th Street, use a long table that leaves you ample room for a runner. Instead of kitschy turkey décor, try a tasteful one in a fall color, like green or brown, or opt for one with leaves on it for a fall look that eschews the tacky feel of certain holiday accessories.


A few pumpkins on the holiday table can make a big statement. While, for space reasons, full-sized pumpkins are a poor choice, you can decorate using mini pumpkins instead; they may be small, but they have a major visual effect.

Thanksgiving-themed centerpiece

Creating your own Thanksgiving centerpiece can bring together a room in an instant. Whether you use fall foliage, pumpkins, candles, or some combination of these elements, creating a fall centerpiece can prime your home for visitors in no time.

Thanksgiving throw pillows

Want to make a big holiday statement without overwhelming your house? Try adding some seasonal throw pillows to your living room décor. From embroidered pillows with pumpkins to quilted shams with leaf print, this small design detail can majorly change the feel and look of a room.

You don’t need to completely overhaul your home design scheme to outfit it perfectly for Thanksgiving dinner. With just a few holiday-inspired accessories, your home will look more beautiful and welcoming, getting everyone who passes through your door into the holiday spirit.


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