Holidays to Poland: Is It The Best Summer Destination?

Holidays to Poland: Is It The Best Summer Destination?

June on the Rise: The Perfect Pick for Weekend Breaks to Poland

Vacations are typically associated with months like July and August. However, many of us cannot travel during those months for personal or professional reasons. Does this mean we have to give up on vacation altogether? Not necessarily! A great alternative is to travel in June. It is a month with equally pleasant weather, and, importantly, popular resorts tend to have fewer guests, allowing maximum enjoyment of attractions and amenities.

If you are amongst those travellers,聽the Lemon Resort Spa offer聽will undoubtedly聽be up to your liking. How so?聽You are not just getting a room with breakfast and dinner but a聽comprehensive聽June on the rise聽package that includes unlimited access to bicycles, water bikes, kayaks, and SUP boards.聽It also allows you to enjoy聽the Wellness Zone, which features聽pools, a jacuzzi, a gym, a cardio zone, and a salt chamber. For an additional fee,聽you can indulge in face and body treatments or rituals for couples, getting the ultimate relaxation experience. And, if you are a nature lover,聽you can opt for a private beach picnic with your favourite snacks and drinks or enjoy some delicacies straight from the hotel鈥檚 restaurant. Rest assured, it will be a complete vacation experience designed to make your stay unforgettable.

Vacation with Children by the Lake: An Offer for the Whole Family

In addition to the June offer, Lemon Resort Spa has also prepared something special for the whole family. Alongside standard amenities such as comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and a fully equipped Wellness Zone, the vacation with children by the lake package includes additional benefits that will surely enhance your stay. Specifically, a voucher worth 500 PLN that can be used in the hotel restaurant or the aforementioned spa, and a 20% discount on the rental of electric boats. For those who enjoy a little competition, there are also 2-hour vouchers for bowling. And, as a perfect welcome gift, a bottle of aromatic wine, which you can enjoy with your significant other while your youngest is already in the arms of Morpheus.

In summary, Lemon Resort Spa is an excellent choice for holidays in Poland. A rich offer of packages, numerous attractions for guests of all ages, and a charming location make it a place where everyone will find something for themselves. If you are planning a holiday trip and are interested in the best spa hotels in Poland, you could not have chosen better! Discover the facility鈥檚 entire range, choose the package that suits you best, and enjoy beautiful weather, water adventures, and complete relaxation with the addition of incredible landscapes and the crystal-clear Lake Ro偶n贸w.


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