Guide To Hiring The Best Cabin Rentals In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Guide To Hiring The Best Cabin Rentals In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The Smoky Mountains are quite a popular spot to visit with your friends, family, and pets on vacation. They are the perfect place to go no matter what time of the year. However, it would be best if you lived in a cabin for a more authentic experience. 

Cabins provide a homely and cozy vibe that no hotel room can as you cook with everyone, have a laugh in the dining area, or sit in front of the fireplace in the winter. The entire experience of residing in a cabin while going on a trip is fantastic.

Moreover, tourists often prefer to reside in cabins located in Pigeon Forge when visiting the Smokies. The location is perfect since you’re close to the Smokys and town, and it’s easier to shop for essentials and visit attractions. But all of this can only happen when you get the right cabin that fulfills all your needs and is exactly how you want it to be. 

So, here is a guide for anyone looking to book a cabin in Pigeon Forge so they can make the right decision and choose the perfect cabin.

Check local services

Find out local services available near your cabin. Ask the company you are booking your place with if you can get things delivered to your cabin or if you must go to the grocery store whenever you need something. 

Look for kitchen necessities 

The cabin rentals Pigeon Forge, TN offers include all types of kitchen accessories and amenities you could ask for, especially if you are planning to cook. Contact the rental company and ask what cookware and dishes are available. After all, you do not want to go there and find the numerous things unavailable in the cabin’s kitchen.

A cabin is supposed to be where you can spend family time and reconnect with all your family, and what better place to do this than in the kitchen, cooking together and having a laugh while recalling old memories? So, to have the best experience and to avoid any inconvenience while cooking, find out if all the cooking facilities you need are available.

Grooming necessities

Ensure that the cabin has all the grooming necessities you want available. After all, taking a hair dryer or an iron with you can take up space in your luggage, and you probably do not want that. You also do not want to go there and find out that the things you want are missing and you might have to purchase them just for the trip.

Look for pet-friendly cabins

Not all cabins allow pets. So, if you plan on taking your pet along with you on this trip, ensure the cabin you are booking is pet-friendly. Verify the cabin’s policy beforehand and how much extra they will charge or if they need a security deposit while allowing a pet to stay.

You must also ensure no raccoon or rat enters your cabin. So, throw all the trash away correctly. You can even ask the company if the trash cans are padlocked before booking a cabin with them so that you do not wake up one morning and find an animal going through the trash.


While choosing your cabin rental in Pigeon Forge, ask about the number of spots available for parking and if there is any place nearby where you can park your vehicles. This is because most cabin rentals only have space for one vehicle, and it isn’t easy to find places that allow tourists to park their cars. You do not want to end up in a tricky parking situation at the last minute.

Ensure there’s a fireplace

Are you booking a cabin during winter? If the answer is yes, ensure the cabin rental you opt for has a fireplace. You should also find out if the fireplace is a gas or wood-burning one. And if it is wood burning, do they provide the wood free of cost, or will they charge you some extra dollars?

Additionally, if you cannot plan your trip in the winter but want to sit in front of a fireplace, ask the company if the cabin rental allows so. This is because even if the cabin has a fireplace, most rentals do not allow firing it up in summer and spring. In such cases, you can opt for a cabin with fire pits. This is because fire pits can be used all year round. No matter which one of the two you get, they are both equally great. You can gather around them and play games or have snack time.

Swimming pool

Suppose you are visiting Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in the summer; look for cabin rentals with a private swimming pool. A quick swim is precisely what you will need to beat the heat.

Remember that very few cabin rentals come with their own private secluded swimming pools, thanks to their location. And the few that have this amenity might cost a lot. So even if the cabin rental provides access to a community pool, it’s not a bad option and will be budget-friendly. Moreover, if you go at the right time, you might not even find many people in the swimming pool and will be available to relax with your family.

Movie room

If you want to go all out on this trip, ask the cabin rental company to provide you with a cabin that has a movie room. There are several cabins in Pigeon Forge with this facility, and you can have it if you want to. Because of varying seating arrangements, you need to specify the number of people that will be using the movie room so you can be accommodated based on that. Do not forget to ask if you can hook up your devices via HDMI (in case you want to project a slideshow or see a specific movie).


Remember to ask all the right questions and ensure everything is according to you. After all, you do not want to travel all the way and find out your cabin is not what you wanted. Finding a new cabin at the last minute might not be a pleasant experience.


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