A Guide To Preparing Your Property For Sale

A Guide To Preparing Your Property For Sale

Property sellers, especially those selling their current homes, have some really high expectations from the sale. Most want their home to sell off quickly at the highest possible price. These expectations are usually inspired by stories of friends and acquaintances selling their homes within slim windows of time and taking home a handsome profit.

However, most such property sellers eventually realize that the reality is strikingly disappointing. It isn’t that homes don’t really sell quickly or for a good profit, the problem is that most sellers don’t recognize the efforts required from their side to make it happen.

Selling a home involves diligent planning and some serious ‘tidying up’ to yield a satisfactory profit.

In this article, we will discuss some of the things you can do to entice buyers for your home and charge them premium prices confidently.

Without further delay, let us begin:

Declutter Your House

If you have been living in your home for several years, chances are, you have collected a lot of stuff that you don’t use. We hold on to such items for a variety of reasons ranging from emotional attachment to hopes of getting them fixed and using them again but never really come around to actually using them.

When you are selling your property, it is the perfect time to get rid of such items. This way, you will be able to present your home in a way that buyers will expect to find it if they move in.

You can donate your clutter to charity, recycle it, give it to your neighbors/friends, or simply throw it away. The point is to only keep the things you absolutely need to survive in the house and get rid of everything.

By doing this, you will be making it easier for prospective buyers to imagine their life when they purchase your home and move into it.

Make Necessary Repairs

Almost all properties need at least some repairs. Yes, even new ones. Chances are good that your property is not an exception to this rule. Even if you think there are no repairs required at your property, it is advisable to get the property inspected by professionals.

Professional services like roofing companies and property inspectors will help you obtain a detailed account of the condition of your property. Once you have this information, you can decide which repairs you want to undertake on your own. For the rest, you may have to reduce the cost of the repairs from your asking price of the property.

Most buyers conduct a property inspection before finalizing a purchase. As property sellers, you can conduct your own inspection to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the final stages of a deal.

Remove Personalised Items

Removing personal items has a similar effect on your home as removing clutter. It will provide buyers with a ‘clean slate’ to look at while evaluating your property. They can then imagine the home filled with their personal belongings like family heirlooms, photographs, and art objects that they may like.

The objective here is to create a noise-free environment for your buyers to aid them in speeding up their decision-making process.

Get It Cleaned, Thoroughly

To improve the appeal of your home, it is a great idea to get a thorough and professional cleaning job done on your property. This may include cleaning the interiors, floors, windows, and even the roof and gutters of your house to make it more presentable for potential buyers.

Even after the professional cleaning job, chances are, your house will not be sold immediately. Therefore, to keep the ‘sparkle’ alive, you may have to vacuum and mop the most visible areas of the property on a daily basis.


With a little bit of extra effort, you can present your property to potential buyers in a much better way, increasing its perceived value. Are you struggling with selling your home? What challenges are you facing?


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