From the City of Lights to the City That Never Sleeps – Parisian Culture in New York

From the City of Lights to the City That Never Sleeps - Parisian Culture in New York

New York City offers French ex-pats a bouquet of culture, activities and cuisine. Whether you left your home to start a new life, or you’re a devoted Francophile in NYC, there is a world of culture to explore just around the corner.

La Nourriture Equise

The thought of well-prepared French food is enough to make any pallet jump for excitement. Croissants, crpes, escargot, caviar, canard l’orange… and that’s just the tip of the delicious iceberg. NYC is a gastronomical French wonderland, offering delicious options for every budget. Balthazar Bakery has a welcoming dining room, but the bakery is what wins our hearts. Seated on 80 Spring St., Balthazar’s pain au chocolate and baguettes are legendary. If you are in the mood for a time-tested staple, don’t miss the Creperie on 135 Ludlow and 112 Macdougal St., although there is no seating inside, the fresh, sweet crpes are worth taking a stand for. If you’re looking to up the ante and dive into French fusion food that will change your life, check out Jean-Georges at 1 Central Park West. This NYT four-star, three Michelin star beacon of culinary accomplishment has some of the most inspired French food on the continent. Jean-Georges’ fall Prix Fixe menu boasts everything from sea urchin to squab, and their mile-long wine list just makes it oh-so-much better.

La Culture

The streets of New York can be as mysterious as they are fun, but the French are known for danger and mystique. Although crime is way down in NYC, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Lifelock your identity just to stay safe while you’re out exploring.

The French Institute Alliance Franaise is considered a cultural hub for France lovers. It is located on 22 E. 60th St, and in it you will find language courses, an extensive library and a panoply of performances, screenings and talks. At La Cave Des Fondus you can sit underground in the subway and eat fondue, but this place is best to go for a drink. Hob-nobbing with new friends while sipping wine out of a baby bottle is always a good time. Located on 20 Prince St. If you’ve truly arrived in the French scene in NYC, then you’ll know about French Tuesdays. French Culture Nights showcase the crme de la crme of the French scene in NYC. Relax in a series of upscale venues and view artists, take in performances and sharpen your knowledge as you drink your fill of wine. If you find yourself here, you’ve made it.

Courir Les Magasins

What devoted Francophile could skip some of the best shopping in the U.S.? For a taste of the fashion capital, look no further than 155 Spring St. There you will find Comptoire des Cotonniers, a Parisian transplant offering the finest of the French brand in a chic Soho boutique. For fancy French wares, Cire Trudon was founded in 1643, and is the world’s oldest candle maker. Naturally, their location on 54 Bond St. isn’t the original, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy candles scented like the wooden floors of Versailles, just don’t go overboard and keep your credit card protected. On 252 Elizabeth St., you can enjoy a more risqu jaunt into the world of French couture at Pull-In, the Nolita concept store, it’s bursting with sexy, silky, soft, sensational styles for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re a drifting Francophile or there to stay, NYC might just have what it takes to go tête à tête with Paris for culture, food and excitement.


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