Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Listing Your Home

Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Listing Your Home

When you put your home on the market for sale, a lot of the fine details can work against you, if you don’t plan ahead. Make sure that your property listing is working in your favor by taking your time to research the potential buyers and current market conditions. Prepare a marketing strategy with your agent that will give you the best chance to achieve your price target and selling goals.

Here are some critical marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Selling Your Way Out

If you’re desperate to sell your home for whatever reason, dropping your listing price multiple times quickly is an invitation for low-ball offers and selling below what you might get with a sharp but aggressive pricing strategy. Don’t give buyers the impression that you are frantic to sell by dropping your price too many times.

Don’t Be Outlandish

Listing claims can mean the difference between making a deal and breaking a deal. You are selling a home, not a contrived or unrealistic vision of what you think your home is. Avoid outlandish and hyperbolic claims, but be creative with marketing a listing. Watch out because your advertisement claims could be misinterpreted in many ways. Therefore, refrain from words such as “Best” or “Great Value.” Don’t make superlative claims, instead use a sensible strategy that is rich in adjectives, such as what Florida Property management uses. It should be flattering, but leave some room for opinions.

Pricing Too High

Overpricing a home can make you feel a lot richer than you actually are, but this may not be the best strategy to sell a home in a lot of cases. Extreme over pricing can stagnate a listing, or even worse, alienate potential buyers and create doubts about why you suddenly dropped the price back to what might be considered fair market value.

Lack of Details

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but real buyers need details and the more the better. Beyond the basics like 2,000 sq. ft. home with 3 beds and 4 baths, what are the attributes that will attract the right buyers? A lack of proper details such can result in a lot of wasted effort repeatedly answering simple questions. Worse yet, you could undervalue your property without a proper description. If it’s a waterfront property, but that doesn’t show up in the pictures, make sure it’s clearly spelled out in the description, front and center.


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