Fire Pits Are An Entertainment Piece That Enhances The Luxury Home Living Experience

Fire Pits Are An Entertainment Piece That Enhances The Luxury Home Living Experience

The Greek goddess of the hearth is called Hestia. Fireplaces have been around since humans have been self-aware. They are important! Entertainment is important, and fireplaces are the original form of entertainment. Fires were revered as magic for millennia.

Practically speaking, the thing about having a fireplace at your home is that it provides a firm meeting place for genuine friendships to sit and enjoy each other’s company. For some reason, human beings figured out long ago that simply looking at a fire is entertainment.

Read on to find out what the coolest fire pits in the world have in common.

1. Great For Recreational Activities

Not only are fire pits a great standalone feature for your home, but also, they usually come accompanied by booze, food, and laughter. S&S Firepits, fireplace experts based in GA, say that the coolest thing about fireplaces are that they bring out the best in the people around you.

This couldn’t be accomplished without a little help from music and booze. The reason why you ought to consider a fire pit for your home is because it will not come by itself. Fires in the winter are fuel for good times and warm friendships.

2. Psychology of Warmth

Part of the reason for this is psychological. Did you know that science shows that holding a warm cup of coffee in your hand when you meet a stranger makes you more likely to enjoy the other person’s company? The word “warm” itself is understood throughout most cultures to mean “agreeable, nice, and hospitable.”

Inviting friends over for a bonfire is a lifehack! If you don’t want to deal with the ash and smell, however, there are many electric fireplaces that have actual heating functions. Many people prefer this choice because firepits can get messy.  

3. First Form of Entertainment

If you want to get in touch with your roots, however, there is nothing more primeval than a nice strong natural fire. They have been around since before the wheel. Fires are the first form of entertainment that human beings invented.

Building the fire is not only a time-honored tradition, it is a fun task with practical applications. In the ancient world, teaching your son how to build a fire was the equivalent of showing your son how to ride a bike. It’s a wholesome way to bond with your family and practice self-reliance while you’re at it. Building and maintaining a good fire requires skills that serve in many other parts of life—focus, patience, and sensitivity.

Biology changed when we invented fire

Fire is so ancient that many anthropologists actually categorize human beings two ways. As pre-, and post-fire. The reason for this is that when we invented fire our digestive systems changed. As a species, we are permanently linked to fire.

4. Community

Fireplaces are a meeting point. They fill a similar human need to video games and TV sets. In all of these cases, the dynamic of the situation calls for some inanimate third party to bring the two or more people closer together. For better or worse, we often feel like we need an excuse to be able to sit together comfortably. 

Fires are really an excuse to get together in one place.

5. They Look Good

Many fireplaces are actually considered a positive-value addition to your property. If you set up a nice fireplace, it could lead to financial benefits for your pocket. They are versatile additions. They provide a relaxing, romantic addition to the aesthetics of your home.

For this reason, as well as practical ones (including saving money with heating) many buyers specifically look for homes with a fireplace. Not only can the homeowner with a firepit save thousands of dollars, he/she can actually cinch a sale because of this particular feature.

6. S’mores

Who can forget this jolly old American tradition? Good ol’ s’mores are a staple of American bonfires. If nothing else, the value of having a place for big majestic fires in or outside your home is in taking your family and friends out for a toasty treat.


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