Eclectic, Industrial, or Elegant – How to Design a Loft for Luxurious Living

Eclectic, Industrial, or Elegant - How to Design a Loft for Luxurious Living

Loft living is incredibly popular in big cities across the globe. These hip living spaces are often large, chic and expensive. Trendy designers are updating lofts and custom designing them to attract wealthy buyers. Depending on your own style, you can learn from these luxurious lofts to make your place look just as posh.

An Eclectic Loft

A modern, eclectic loft in the booming city of San Francisco goes for $1,349,000. With only 1,525 square feet, you are mainly paying for the location for lofts like these. If you want a good view as well, the price of the loft will rapidly increase. For a loft with a great city view, you will pay around $3,645,000 for 1,947 square feet of real estate.

To go with this eclectic location, use different patterns, themes and textures to decorate your place. Start by picking a signature piece you want to feature in a room. Try funky furniture pieces like a bubble chair, originally designed by Earo Aarnio. This signature piece, originally imported from Finland in 1968, can now be purchased from PlushPod for $4,914. If unusual lighting is more your style, add a Sputnik Chandelier to bring light and personality to a space. Or, you can put art from local artists up on the walls. This will make the space one of a kind.

An Industrial Loft

A 4,500 square foot industrial loft in Chicago can be rented for $5,850 a month. This luxurious loft plays up the wood and metal features that make the building unique. The outer faรงade is all brick and will attract people that love an industrial look. The curved upper level has a custom staircase that makes it one of kind.

Industrial interior design goes back to the past with rough edges, stone and metal. The walls themselves often make a statement, so donโ€™t be afraid to expose the old brick. You even can paint a wild mural onto the existing brick. Then, add large furniture and design pieces as focal points. Try something like a rustic, industrial chandelier or anything made out of brushed nickel, cast iron or copper. Use antique, industrial factory carts as tables, or get this storage locker turned into an armoire from Vintage Industrial.

An Elegant Loft

In cities like New York, location is key. You will pay more for places in Greenwich Village, Tribeca and the Upper East Side. For instance, a two bedroom, two bathroom loft on the Upper East Side may cost you $6,595 for rent whereas the Bronx might cost around $1,200.

If you are after a glamorous loft fit for celebrities, you want to go with rich fabrics and textures. Consider your color palette, and stick with light pastels, gold, black or white patterns. Use wallpaper as an accent, like this gold floral pattern from Hygge & West, to add a feminine touch. Or, purchase a beautiful mirrored vanity to add glamour to the bedroom. Besides the decadent furniture, donโ€™t forget the details like glass chandeliers, ripple fold curtains and even modern fireplaces.


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