Doors Are More Than Functional – Here’s What They Say About You

Doors Are More Than Functional - Here's What They Say About You

Analyzing personality usually involves laying on a leather couch and speaking to a therapist, but several online quizzes beg to differ. You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite color, their choice of fashion, the way they move, and yes, the type of doors in their house.

While it may sound silly from the offset, what you choose to keep in your environment can tell others about aspects of your personality you may keep hidden away or in plain view.

For example, a 2-panel door preaches your simplicity or by-the-books thinking, whereas a wood door may allude to your love of nature. People choose all kinds of doors based on their colors, metal finishings, and utility, but their choices are often made from preference and personal bias.

What Doors Say About You as a Person

Walk around your house and make a note of every door you personally purchased and try to find it on our list. You may be surprised at what your doors say about you as a person.

1. Hinged Doors

Hinged doors, or the most common example of a door, are what contractors typically use when building houses because they’re cheap. If you purchased a hinged door, you’re likely more logical than creative and tend to lean on tradition. Many people use continuous hinges to ensure their doors do not fall, making them durable and sturdy dependents in a home. Thus, you have a hard time dealing with change.

2. Dutch Doors

Dutch doors, also known as double-hung or half doors, are split in half horizontally, allowing one of the two halves to stay shut. You typically need to buy these doors from a specialty retailer, like Window Concepts of Milwaukee, meaning you’re unique, functional, and inspiring.

3. Pocket Doors

Unlike hinged doors, pocket doors “disappear” into a special cavity inside the wall when opened. They’re typically hung from the top and slide back and forth using a track. If you picked a pocket door for your home, you’re likely shy or incredibly organized, cleanly, and tight-laced.

4. Bifolding Doors

Bifold doors also connect on a track, but instead of disappearing into a wall, they fold outwards in a “Z” shape and collapse or “stack” on each other when fully opened. Choosing a bi-folding door means you love nature and like to be more open with people. You’re likely a dog person.

5. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the messier cousin of the pocket door. They work the exact same way, except a sliding door will be clearly visible on the track. If you’re using a sliding door for an inside wall, you’re a people person. If you installed one on an outside wall, you’re probably unorganized.

6. Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are designed to rotate on their vertical axis and are available with or without a stopper. They’re much more complicated to install compared to the traditional 2-panel door, meaning you’re probably a complicated person, as well. You likely enjoy eclectic furniture.

7. French Doors

French doors are made up of one piece with glass panes extending most of its length. Also known as French windows, you need to have a lot of space to take advantage of this design. People who install these doors like to live large, spend big, and enjoy traveling to the tropics.

8. PVC Doors

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC doors are the exact opposite of French doors in that they need zero maintenance and cost little. PVC doors are often designed to look like painted wood doors. If you chose this door, you’re an easy-going person who doesn’t like conflict or cleaning.

9. Battened & Ledged Doors

Ledged doors are composed of vertical boards called battens and horizontal boards called ledgers that are nailed or screwed down. These doors are typically popular on farms and cottages. By choosing this door, you’re showing you’re a hard worker who likes to praise others.

10. Glass Doors

Glass doors are either made entirely or partially out of glass that’s either frosted or completely see-through like a window. Glass doors require a lot of upkeep but are incredibly gorgeous when used sparingly. You’re likely high maintenance or honest if you prefer glass doors.

11. Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors offer shine and elegance at a low cost, but they’re also a great choice for contemporary architecture because of their insulation and security properties. If you have aluminum doors in your house, you’re probably protective and hold up well to criticism.

12. Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are rarely entirely made out of fiberglass but are set into more natural, pleasing materials like wood. Fiberglass is much more sturdy than regular glass and is easier to clean. Anyone who lives in a home with fiberglass doors is likely a solid, dependable person.

13. Louvered Doors

Louvered doors are slitted, bifold doors that offer privacy and natural ventilation. They’re commonly used for personal closets and linen closets. Installing louvered doors on your closets means you’re not a loud person, but you enjoy the occasional low-key movie streaming party.

14. Collapsible Doors

Collapsible doors are composed of double vertical channels that are joined together with hollows inside the frame to create a gap. They open and close the exact same way as bifold doors, but they’re more flimsy, meaning people who have these doors are likely flakey. 

15. Roller Doors

Roller doors are primarily used for storage facilities and garages, but many people will install them in living rooms, especially if they have patios. Installing one of these unique doors will tell others you’re quirky and don’t like to play by the rules. You’re probably extremely artistic.

16. Glazed Doors

Glazed doors look precisely like a 2-panel door, except the panels are replaced by glass to improve visibility. Glazed doors offer a fun but different remix to a home classic. If you’re fond of glazed doors, you’re someone who likes to experiment or try new things/experiences.

17. Revolving Doors

Revolving doors have four wings connected to a central shaft. While the central shaft stays locked in place, it can be rotated to move the other wings. Installing a revolving door in your home is probably the most bizarre thing a person can do, but you’re likely fun and outgoing.


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