Cleanest Cities for Your Next Holiday Destination

Cleanest Cities for Your Next Holiday Destination

Everyone wants to spend time in a clean environment. With this in mind, many governments worldwide have put in efforts to maintain high cleanliness standards in cities to attract tourists. There are many factors used to analyze the cleanness of a city. However, the main factors considered are water, air, and general cleanness of the streets. Untidy cities are unattractive to look at and pose a risk of contagious diseasesโ€™ outbreaks. When visiting a city, you can check on its cleanliness ranking from online travel platforms such as Dealchecker. Here are some of the worldโ€™s cleanest cities you should visit on your next holiday trip.


Calgary is considered the worldโ€™s cleanest city. This Canadian city has a population of over one million people. The government and environmental organizations in Canada have set strict guidelines that target to conserve the environment. The city has some of the best sanitary services in Canada. The hygienic services ensure consistent garbage collection and general cleaning of the streets. If you are planning to visit Canada for a holiday, you should consider staying in Calgary. The clean streets and well-kept lawns within the city give a breathtaking sight. The city administration enforces regular repainting and cleaning of building walls to maintain the beauty of Calgary.


Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in Asia. This city is famous for the strict environmental protection guidelines set by the government. For instance, spitting in public while in Singapore is considered an offence and can lead to arrest by the authorities. The Singapore government has established many recreational parks for tourists and locals. These parks are kept clean all the time to ensure everyone that goes there enjoys their stay. The city has many cycling tracks. These trucks are used by residents walking to work instead of driving. As a result, traffic volumes in this city are relatively lower.


Dubai is among the busiest cities in the world. It is the main trading centre for businesses in the Middle East. Dubai receives a massive number of visitors coming for business trips as well as tourism. Despite the population pressure, the city maintains its status as one of the cleanest in the world. High rise buildings characterize the streets of Dubai. These buildings are regularly cleaned, giving the city a beautiful appearance.

While in Dubai, you can enjoy breathtaking ocean views as you drive along the well-maintained roads near the beach. Taking a walk along the serene streets dotted with palm trees and well-kept lawns will spice up your stay in Dubai and make you appreciate the city a little more.


Vienna is ranked among the worldโ€™s best cities to live in. One of the reasons for its ranking is the cleanness of the streets and the general environment. This Austrian city is famous for its musicality. However, what draws people to Vienna, even more, is the serenity of the city and the Baroque architectural concepts of buildings in it.

The water in the Danube canal at the centre of Vienna is so clean that tourists flock in during summer for a swim. Vienna authorities have put in place reliable public transport facilities to cut down traffic volumes in the city. Reduced traffic volumes ensure minimal air pollution. As a result, the air in Vienna is very clean and conducive to your health.


Minsk is a city in Belarus known for being clean and environmentally friendly. The serene environment in Minsk is one of the main reasons why tourists flock this Belarusian capital. While on your holiday trip in Minsk, take time to use the Minsk Metro provided by the city administration.

While in the Metro, you will notice beautiful and well-arranged buildings. You will also realize that at every metro station, there is a dedicated group of cleaners working to keep the stations as clean as possible. Recreational parks in Minsk are well maintained. The locals going to the parks strictly observe the rules and at no point will you see them stepping on the grass when told not to.

There are many other clean cities that you can visit for your next holiday. You can find more information about the cities through Dealchecker. You need to maintain personal hygiene while on your trip to clean cities. Some infections might arise due to low personal hygiene standards.


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