Checking Into an NYC Hotel with an 18+

Checking Into an NYC Hotel with an 18+

Are you planning a vacation with your 18+ friends? Sure, they might be hard to please, but rest assured you guys will have the best time of your life in New York.

Every 18-year-old will have their bucket list for NYC attractions, incomplete without the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, and the Empire State Building. But New York is a lot cooler, and there is so much the city has to offer to excited teens. If you love theater, catching some fantastic performances at a Broadway show is no less than adding a cherry on a cake; it is that awesome.

But being 18 can make it difficult for you to get a check-in at a plush NYC hotel. Worry not; you can consult reputed agents and use their affiliated links to book 18+ hotels in New York City and enjoy your stay with your teen buddies in the Big Apple.

Best 18+ Hotel Options in NYC

If you are looking for the highly popular accommodations, then the famous hotels on West 16th Street in Chelsea are the best places for you to retreat and enjoy NYC’s offerings. 

And if you and your 18+ group are more of a perfectionist, you will wish for a hotel at a prime location to keep up with your schedule. Hotels on Thompson Street are close to the subway station and are sure to stun you with their proximity to the city’s enticing attractions.

Those of you on a budget vacation can find the best accommodations on West 32nd Street, making your stay affordable, right in the city’s heart! 

Checking into a Holiday Inn or Marriott at 18+

The New York Marriott Downtown in the heart of Lower Manhattan presents thoughtful amenities and sophisticated accommodations. The brilliant hotel location gives an excellent opportunity to embrace all that Downtown NYC has to offer.

Though such chains of hotels are famous corporate brands, the hotels decide the check-in age policies and not the brands. So, it is best to review check-in age policies with hotels directly.

Limited Lodging Options for 18+ in NYC

Of late, the spike in gun violence has rattled NYC, significantly impacting the 18+ age group.

The legal drinking age in the Big Apple is 21; however, some concert avenues restrict guests under 18. Besides, it is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages in public places in NYC. With access to alcohol and as a typical 18+, you might get tempted to booze out, getting into trouble with the state laws. It is one of the top issues faced by NYC hotels, so they mostly avoid teens to check-in without a guardian.

Common Hotel Check-in Age Restrictions

Though most NYC hotels play safe with check-in age limits by setting 25 as the criterion, there are exceptions.

You will find excellent 18+ stay options on Allen Street and Avenue of the Americas in Chelsea, allowing check-in ages of 19, 20, 22, and 23. Ideally, not many NYC hotels follow these policies, but you can look out for prospective teen privileges at 18+ hotels in NYC.

New York Hotel Laws for Age Restrictions

According to New York legal age laws, Dom. Rel. §2, you are considered a major if you are 18.

However, there are no specific laws on minimum age requirements for hotel check-in here; the age limits vary with hotel and location. It is advisable to call the front desk or browse the hotel’s website to clarify all your queries regarding check-in age restrictions.

Necessary ID Proofs

Reputed NYC hotels make ID proofs mandatory as part of their check-in policies. But don’t worry, they don’t check your ID for age.

Most 18+ hotels in New York City explicitly mention the check-in age as 18+. They will verify your photo IDs, such as your driver’s license and passport. However, some demand proof-of-age cards, but you can confirm this while completing your reservation formalities.

Best Attractions Near Your 18+ NYC Hotels

Most 18+ hotels in New York City are close to attractions that are sure to make your vacation with your teen pals a trip of a lifetime. 

From getting your aura read on Canal Street, exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to enjoying some fresh air at Central Park, you can explore all in just a few hours.

Final Thoughts

The fast-moving and roof hitting energy levels of New York City can be intriguing, but not for the young blood looking for some kick in life. A Manhattan 2018 tourism report suggests that visitors under age 35 makeup for 44% of tourists. It’s a testament to how the Big Apple awes the 18+, which they can’t get enough of.

Check out the best consultants for your 18+ hotel reservations in NYC, to embark on a journey with a perfect blend of history and iconic experiences that Big Apple offers.


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